EPE foam pelletizing machine is an efficient plastic recycling equipment specially designed to process waste EPE foam materials. It adopts advanced technology to convert waste foam materials into reusable pellets, reducing the cost of waste disposal and is one of the main equipment in the plastic foam granulation plant.

Plastic foam recycling process

Raw materials of EPE foam pelletizing machine

Plastic foam granulators can convert waste foam materials, such as packaging boxes, protective pads, packaging filling materials, pearl cotton, fruit net covers, fishing nets, etc., into regenerated particles for producing new foam products.

EPE foam
EPE foam

Working principle of EPE foam recycling and pelletizer

EPE foam pelletizing machine adopts the process of high-temperature melting and extruding to feed the waste foam, pearl cotton and other materials into the machine.

EPE foam pelletizing machine
EPE foam pelletizing machine

Firstly, the material is heated in the melting chamber, and then the extrusion mechanism extrudes the material to form pellets. Finally, the pellets get cooled and cured by EPE foam granule machine cooling system to ensure quality and stability. These pellets can be customized in size and shape to meet the needs of different applications. You can always contact Shuliy staff for a personalized foam recycling solution.

EPE pelletizer
EPE pelletizer

Video of EPE foam granule machine

EPE recycling machine in action

Structure of plastic foam extruder

EPE foam pelletizing machine mainly includes material supply system, compaction and extrusion system, vacuum exhaust system, filtration system, cutting system, drying and packaging system.

EPE foam pelletizing machine structure
EPE foam pelletizing machine structure

Technical parameters of EPE foam pelletizing machine

Model SL-160 EPE foam pelletizing machine is one of the best-selling models of Shuliy. The dimensions of the machine are 3400*2100*1600 mm and the dimensions of the feed opening are 780*780 mm. It has a power of 30 kW and a production capacity of between 150 and 200 kilograms per hour. This EPE foam granule machine uses heating rings for heating.

Features of EPE recycling machine

  • The EPE foam pelletizing machine features a modern design with an attractive and compact appearance. We offer customization options to adjust the appearance and dimensions to your needs to ensure that the machine is perfectly adapted to your production environment.
  • This plastic foam extruder is fully automated and easy to operate. It can work continuously without frequent stops and operator intervention. The highly efficient workflow can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Shuliy EPE foam granule machine is made of high-quality carbon structural lead steel to ensure the durability and stability of the machine. It can run long without frequent maintenance, reducing maintenance costs.
  • The plastic foam granulator’s compact design allows for a small footprint, making it suitable for production plants with limited space. In addition, the EPE foam recycling and pelletizer has very low energy consumption, which helps to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

Recommend plastic foam recycling equipment

Plastic foam recycling plant is used to convert waste plastic foam into granular material, which usually includes raw material treatment, extrusion, cutting, cooling, and other process links.

Plastic foam recycling plant

Shuliy, as a professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturer, has accumulated rich experience in plastic foam recycling equipment. We are committed to providing high-quality and high-efficiency recycling equipment. If you have any questions or needs about plastic foam granulators or other plastic recycling equipment, please feel free to consult with Shuliy, our professional team will be happy to provide you with satisfactory service.

EPE foam pelletizing machine price

If you would like to know the EPE foam pelletizing machine price or have any interest or questions, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will provide detailed product information and customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring an environmentally friendly and efficient solution to your plastic foam recycling plant!

FAQ about plastic foam granulator

How often does the maintenance of EPE foam pelletizing machine need to be carried out?

Maintenance of EPE foam granulators depends on the frequency of use and the type of material. In general, regular cleaning and lubrication are key to keeping the plastic pelletizing machine running efficiently.

We recommend regular maintenance checks according to production needs to ensure long-term stable operation of the EPE recycling machine.

How difficult is it to operate the plastic foam extruder?

EPE foam granulator is easy to operate, after training, the operator can easily get started. If you have any questions or difficulties with the operation of the plastic foam granulator, you can always approach Shuliy for help.

How is the quality of granules guaranteed?

The machine adopts an advanced production process to ensure the stable and uniform quality of granules. Moreover, Shuliy EPE foam pelletizing machine allows users to customize the size and shape of pellets to meet the requirements of different applications.

Can EPE foam recycling and pelletizers save costs?

Yes, cost savings are realized by recycling and reusing EPE waste materials, reducing production costs and improving sustainability.

Does Shuliy provide after-sales support and warranty?

Yes, we provide comprehensive after-sales support and warranty services to ensure that our customers’ EPE foam pelletizing machine stays inefficient operation.

Whether it is training operators or providing spare parts and maintenance services, we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ equipment remains in efficient and stable operation throughout its lifetime.