The main purpose of PET bottle washing line is to recycle all kinds of waste plastic bottles into clean and unadulterated PET bottle flakes, which can be utilized for secondary purposes and can be sold at a good price.

How to clean PET bottles?

Shuliy Machinery has been manufacturing PET bottle recycling equipment for many years and exporting it worldwide and is a professional PET bottle washing line manufacturer. Our plastic bottle recycling machines can be customized according to customer’s requirements, or you are welcome to call us to inquire about the machines and visit our PET bottle recycling plant!

plastic bottle recycling plant
PET bottle washing plant

Introduction of PET bottle washing line

Plastic bottle recycling line is a highly automated production system designed to convert waste PET bottles into reusable PET flakes. These PET bottles usually come from various beverage containers, such as mineral water bottles, fruit juice bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and so on. The core function of the PET bottle washing line is to wash, crush and dry these waste PET bottles for subsequent recycling process.

plastic bottle recycling equipment
plastic bottle recycling equipment

The whole PET bottle recycling plant includes label removing machine, plastic shredder, plastic washing machine, sink float plastic separation, dewatering machine and so on.

plastic bottle recycling factory
plastic bottle recycling factory

3D video of PET flakes washing plant

3D video shows you how plastic bottle recycling machine works

Raw materials and products of PET bottle recycling plant

The raw materials of PET bottle washing plant mainly come from various plastic bottles, such as mineral water bottles, fruit juice bottles, soda bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and so on.

These plastic bottles can be washed and reprocessed efficiently by plastic bottle recycling machines to obtain high-quality recycled PET raw materials, which can be used to manufacture new PET bottles, fibers and other plastic products.

Cleaning process of plastic bottle recycling line

  1. De-labeling of discarded PET bottles: First of all, discarded PET bottles need to be de-labeled. In this step, external materials such as labels are removed by plastic label removing machine, leaving only clean PET bottles.
  2. Washing: Washing is one of the key steps in the PET bottle washing line. During this process, PET bottles are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, residual beverage and other impurities. High-pressure water and detergents are often used to ensure the hygiene and quality of the PET bottles.
  3. Crushing: After washing, the PET bottles are fed into plastic crusher that crushes them into small pieces. This helps in the next step of processing and makes PET bottles easier to store and transport.
  4. Drying: After crushing, PET flakes need to be dried to remove any residual moisture. Dry PET flakes are more suitable for storage and processing.
  5. Storage: Finally, the cleaned PET flakes are stored pending further processing. These flakes can be stored for a period of time to suit the market demand.

Video of PET bottle recycling plant

Advanced PET bottle recycling equipment working process

Main PET bottle recycling machine

inclined belt conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor

Conveyor belt is used for the transmission of raw materials in all sections of the PET bottle washing line, and is the necessary equipment for the plastic bottle recycling plant.

Tumbler screen

Tumbler screens are used to separate PET bottles from stones, sand, dirt and other impurities.

Trommel For PET Bottle Recycling
Label Removing Machine

Label removing machine

Label removing machine is used to strip PVC labels from plastic bottles with a stripping rate of up to 98%.

Plastic shredder

Plastic shredder is mainly used to crush waste PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, etc. into small pieces for easy reuse.

plastic shredder
sink float plastic separation

PP PE separating tank

PP PE separating tank is used for cleaning broken PET chips, separating PET bottle chips as well as bottle caps, labels and other impurities of different materials.

Hot washing tank

Hot washing tank removes contaminants such as sticky label oil stains from plastic bottles.

hot water washing machine
Plastic friction washer

Plastic friction washer

Through the strong friction of the brushes inside the plastic friction washer, it removes the adhesive and other impurities on the PET bottle flakes, and can effectively clean the PET bottle flakes.

Plastic drying machine

Plastic drying machine is specially designed to remove excess water from plastic bottles, plastic tubes, PP PE sheets and other plastic products.

plastic drying machine

Trade cases of PET bottle washing machine

PET bottle recycling machine exported to Mozambique

Shuliy has successfully concluded a deal with an important client in Mozambique. This cooperation not only reduces the cost of waste disposal, but also reduces the cost of purchasing new raw materials. The customer is very satisfied with our PET bottle washing line and services.

PET bottle recycling plant sent to Congo

A customer from Congo looking for a solution to his plastic waste management problem chose to work with Shuliy to purchase highly efficient plastic bottle recycling machine, which was designed to efficiently dispose of discarded plastic bottles.

Shuliy not only provides quality PET bottle washing recycling machines but also provides detailed operating instructions and after-sales support to ensure that customers are able to fully utilize the plastic PET bottle recycling machine and achieve significant results in plastic waste management.

Ask for plastic bottle recycling machine price!

Do you want to know how to improve the efficiency of PET bottle recycling? If you answer yes, then the Shuliy PET bottle recycling machine is the right choice! Shuliy is a PET bottle recycling machine supplier specializing in manufacturing plastic recycling equipment, and our PET bottle washing lines are of excellent quality, stable and reliable performance.

We offer various plastic recycling machine models and specifications, with prices varying by model and configuration. If you have any questions about plastic bottle recycle machine price, product specifications or customization needs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the most detailed information and the best offer. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

plastic bottle recycle machine price
plastic bottle recycle machine price


What is the output of this PET flakes washing line?

Shuliy’s PET bottle washing line has an output range of 500-6000kg/h.

Can the PET bottle washing line handle other types of plastic bottles?

PET bottle washing line is usually specialized for PET bottle handling, but some equipment can be adapted to handle other types of plastic bottles as needed.

What is the water consumption of PET bottle recycling machines?

PET flakes washing line typically use high-pressure water and detergents, but water-saving technologies can be used to minimize water consumption.

Can plastic bottle washing line be customized?

Yes, Shuliy can customize the PET bottle washing line according to the customer’s raw material situation and customer’s demand. Please feel free to contact us for more details.