The plastic film recycling line is mainly used to recycle plastic waste into reusable plastic pellets. Shuliy has been manufacturing plastic recycling machines for more than 10 years and is a professional plastic pelletizing line manufacturer. Our plastic recycling granulator machines have been exported to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and many other countries. Plastic recycling business can be highly profitable for recyclers.

Plastic granules manufacturing process

What is plastic film recycling line?

Plastic film recycling line is an automated pelletizing production plant including collection, cleaning, crushing, melting and other processes. Through this granulating process, various plastic film wastes, such as plastic bags, packaging films, agricultural films, etc., are converted into high-quality recycled pellets.

Plastic film recycling plant mainly includes plastic crusher, rinsing tank, vertical dewatering machine, plastic granulator, cooling tank, pellet cutting device and so on.

plastic pelletizing machine
plastic pelletizing machine

3D video of PP PE film plastic pelletizing line

Plastic pelletizing process

Raw materials and finished products of plastic granulating plant

The main raw materials processed in plastic film recycling line include various plastic film wastes, such as polyethylene film (PE) and polypropylene film (PP). These wastes usually come from supermarket shopping bags, packaging films, agricultural films, woven bags, beverage packaging films, frozen food packaging films, medical plastic films as well as cling film, PP raffia bags, cement bags and so on.

After being processed through plastic film recycling lines, high-quality recycled plastic pellets can be obtained and these recycled raw materials can be used to manufacture new plastic products.

recycled pellets produced by plastic recycling equipment
recycled pellets

Workflow of plastic film recycling plant

Step 1: Plastic film crushing

Plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing and cleaning waste plastic products such as waste agricultural film and woven bags. The machine adopts alloy steel blades with long life and the cutting knives are specially treated to crush the materials into small pieces in a short time.

The first step in the plastic film recycling line is to use a plastic crusher to physically pulverize the waste plastic film into smaller pieces for subsequent processing. This helps to reduce the size of the raw film for subsequent steps.

Plastic shredder machine
Plastic shredder machine

Step 2: Use of plastic film washing machine for cleaning pieces

The plastic film washing machine is made of stainless steel or iron plate and is fitted with a number of toothed agitators that force the plastic pieces forward. It is carried out by rinsing the crushed material, thus settling impurities and removing dirt.

plastic film washing machine
plastic film washing machine

Step 3: Dewatering with plastic film dryer machine

Plastic film dryer machine is able to replace manual fishing and add cleaning and automatic high-speed dewatering function, so as to achieve the remarkable purpose of saving labor and energy. The key to this step is to ensure that the plastic film is dry before moving to the next stage to improve product quality.

plastic film dryer machine
plastic film dryer machine

Step 4: Plastic pelletizer melting and granulation

Plastic pelletizer is the most important equipment in the plastic film recycling line. Thanks to the unique induction heating, the material is melted under the heat of the heating ring. The heat can be retained in the machine, reducing the initial preheating time and always ensuring energy savings, effectively reducing costs for the customer.

The melt flows out of the main machine outlet and into the auxiliary machine. Under the extrusion of the auxiliary machine, it is extruded from the mold in the headbox. Shuliy plastic granulator has many models and can be customized according to customers’ requirements, if there is any demand you can always contact us for more details.

plastic pelletizer
plastic pelletizer

Step 5: Cooling plastic strands by cooling tank

Cooling tank is one of the main types of equipment for plastic film recycling plant, which is made of stainless steel and does not rust or corrode. The plastic strips produced by the plastic pelletizer are cooled in cooling tank to ensure that they remain stable in shape and quality.

cooling tank
cooling tank

Step 6: Cutting plastic strips into small pellets with plastic cutter machine

After the plastic strips have cooled, the plastic cutter machine is used to cut the long strips into smaller pellets for different applications. This step can also be used to control the size and shape of the pellets according to customer requirements.

plastic cutter machine
plastic cutter machine

Step 7: Storage of pellets in storage bin

Finally, the plastic pellets are stored in stainless steel storage bin, which can be customized in size according to the customer’s requirements. These pellets can then be used to manufacture new plastic products, resulting in the sustainable reuse of resources.

storage bin
storage bin

Video of plastic film recycling process

How is plastic film recycled?

Parameters of plastic recycling process equipment

ItemTechnical parameter
Conveyor beltPower(kW): 3
Length(m): 5
Width(m): 0.8
Capacity(kg/h): 1000-1200
Plastic shredder machineModel: LY-F300
Power(kW): 7.5
Capacity(kg/h): 800
Automatic feeder  Power(kW): 3
Capacity(kg/h): 800-1200
Main plastic granulatorModel: SL-220
Screw diameter(mm): 220
Screw length(m): 1.6
Motor(kW): 22+18.5
Vice plastic granulatorModel: SL-260
Screw diameter(mm): 260
Screw length(m): 3.6
Motor(kW): 110
Plastic cutter machine  Model: LY-F300
Power(kW): 7.5
Capacity(kg/h): 800
Plastic pellet bagging machine  Model: LY-F300
Power(kW): 7.5
Capacity(kg/h): 800
Plastic recycling process equipment technical data

This is a typical configuration of plastic recycling equipment offered by Shuliy, but we are also able to tailor the most suitable solution to the unique requirements and conditions of our customers. Customers can contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you to ensure that you get the ideal plastic recycling machinery solution.

Features of plastic recycling granulating line

Customised production

Shuliy plastic film recycling line stands out for its high degree of customizability. We understand that plastic recycling process equipment varies from customer to customer and therefore our products can be adapted and customized to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for customized solutions to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

Plastic recycling plant
Plastic recycling plant

Wide range of applications

The plastic film recycling line is suitable for all types of plastic films, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and so on. It can process waste plastic film from different sources, such as packaging film, agricultural film, shopping bags, etc.

plastic recycling factory
plastic recycling factory

High efficiency

High efficiency is one of the core features of the plastic film recycling line. With a production capacity of up to 200KG/H-3000KG/H, the plastic film recycling line is able to process waste plastic film at a remarkable speed, converting it into high-quality plastic pellets, thus maximizing the benefits of resource recovery. High efficiency means less energy consumption and lower operating costs, creating considerable economic value for customers.

Successful cases: plastic recycling equipment to many countries!

Plastic film recycling machine sent to Oman

A customer from Oman has chosen Shuliy to purchase a plastic film recycling line. The recycling equipment was designed and manufactured by Shuliy’s team of professionals to efficiently recycle and reuse plastic film.

The customer had faith in Shuliy’s reputation, quality and technical capabilities and decided to purchase their equipment for their plastic film recycling and reuse needs. In fact, the Shuliy plastic pelletizing recycling machine significantly improves the customer’s recycling efficiency and profitability.

plastic film recycling machine
plastic film recycling machine

Plastic granulation equipment exported to Ethiopia

A customer from Ethiopia purchased efficient plastic film recycling line through Shuliy. The plastic film recycling machine has been carefully designed to convert waste plastic film into reusable raw material. Upon receipt of the plastic recycling process equipment, the customer quickly put it into production with remarkable success, greatly improving the efficiency of plastic film recycling.

Inquiry for plastic recycling equipment!

Shuliy, a leading brand in the field of plastic recycling equipment, offers various models of customizable equipment for recycling plastic. The plastic recycling machine price can be affected by factors such as equipment specifications, processing capacity, and technology content.

For specific pricing, please contact Shuliy directly for a detailed quote based on your needs and we can provide customized recommendations for your specific needs.