Plastic film shredder is one of the important pieces of equipment in plastic film recycling plant, which is used to process plastic film, plastic bags and other plastic wastes. It provides convenient raw material for subsequent plastic pelletizing by crushing the waste plastic materials into small pieces.

Waste plastic crusher working process

Application of plastic film shredder

Plastic crusher machine is used to process waste plastic films, including polyethylene (PE) film, polypropylene (PP) film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and so on. These waste plastic films usually come from supermarket shopping bags, packaging films, agricultural films, woven bags, food packaging bags, garbage bags, raffia grass, plastic buckets, PVC pipes, plastic pots and so on.

waste plastics
waste plastics

Plastic shredder crushing effect display

Working principle of plastic crusher machine

The main structure of the plastic shredder has feed inlet, crushing chamber, blades, knife frame, screen, and discharge outlet.

During operation, the motor will drive the internal blades to rotate at high speed. The angle and relative position of the moving and fixed blades will cause the plastic to be effectively cut and crushed inside the crushing chamber. The crushed plastic pieces will be filtered through the screen and then output to the plastic film shredder discharge port for subsequent treatment or production process.

plastic film shredder
plastic film shredder

Video of plastic shredder

Plastic crushing machine in action

Parameters of plastic crusher


Motor power: 30kw
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Material of knives: 60Si2Mn
Number of knives: 10pcs
Box width: 600cm


Motor power: 45kw
Capacity: 800-1000kg/h
Material of knives: 60Si2Mn
Number of knives: 10pcs
Box width: 800cm


Motor power: 55kw
Capacity: 1000-1200kg/h
Material of knives: 60Si2Mn
Number of knives: 10pcs
Box width: 1000cm

The above models are Shuliy hot sale plastic film shredder models, we have more models for you to choose from. If interested, you can contact our staff to choose the most suitable plastic crusher for you.

Features of plastic shredder machine

  • Efficiency: The plastic film shredder has excellent crushing efficiency and is able to process a large amount of plastic waste in a short period of time. Plastic shredder machine increases the productivity of the waste plastic recycling process and is an indispensable piece of equipment for plastic film recycling plant.
  • Adjustability: Its knives and screens can be adjusted according to the different characteristics of the raw materials in order to obtain the desired crushing particle size, thus increasing the flexibility of production.
  • Durability: Thanks to the high quality of the manufacturing materials and the robust mechanical structure, the plastic crusher machine has a long and stable working life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Safety: Equipped with a variety of safety devices such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of operators.

Related plastic recycling equipment

Plastic film shredder is an important crushing equipment in plastic film recycling line. It crushes plastic film into sizes that are easy to pelletize. Plastic film shredders are usually used in conjunction with a range of recycling equipment such as plastic rinsing tanks and plastic granulators to recycle plastic film.

Waste plastic crushing machine in plastic recycling plant

Successful trade case of plastic shredder machine

plastic materials shredder successfully sent to Somalia

A customer from Somalia chose to purchase the SL-800 plastic crusher from Shuliy. The customer had an urgent need to process plastic waste and was looking for an efficient and reliable machine to fulfill his production needs.

After detailed research and comparison, the customer chose Shuliy’s SL-800 Plastic Crusher for its powerful crushing capacity and durability to efficiently crush a wide range of plastic materials. With Shuliy’s products, the customer successfully solved the problem of waste plastic processing and improved production efficiency.

Field trip to the plastic film shredder

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Plastic shredder machine price

If you are interested in plastic film shredder products or need more information, please feel free to contact our sales team. As a professional plastic film crusher machine manufacturer, we can provide you with detailed product information, quotations and support according to your needs. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality plastic film crushing solutions to help you process waste plastic film more efficiently and realize the reuse of resources while gaining economic benefits.

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