Plastic extruder machine, or plastic granulator, is mainly used to process industrial and agricultural waste plastics such as PP, LDPE films, and woven bags. Plastic pelletizer occupies an essential position in plastic pelletizing line and has a high market value. So, if there is a large amount of waste plastic in your place and you want to profit from it, you can choose Shuliy plastic extruder machine.

Plastic granulator working process

Introduction of plastic extruder machine

Plastic extruder machine is a key piece of plastic recycling equipment widely used in the plastic processing industry and is important in plastic pelletizing plant. It works by feeding waste plastic into a charging port, where it undergoes a series of processing steps that ultimately transform it into finished pellets of various shapes and sizes. High-quality plastic pellets for various applications such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

Raw materials and finished products of plastic granulator

Raw materials

What plastics can be extruded? Can any plastic material be extruded? Plastic extruder machine is widely used for all kinds of waste plastics, such as PE PP plastic bags, woven bags, raffia grass, agricultural film, cement bags, pipes, plastic buckets, tubs and so on. If you have EPS or EPE foam, we also provide related plastic foam granulator.

raw materials
raw materials

Finished products

Plastic recycling granulator processes waste plastics into finished products in the form of recycled pellets, these granules can be directly used to make new plastic products, such as plastic bags, bottles, pipes, films and so on.

Working principle of plastic pellet making machine

Do you know what is the working principle of plastic extruder machine? The working principle of plastic granulator is based on the properties of thermoplastics.

plastic pelletizing machine for sale
plastic pelletizing machine for sale

The raw material is first fed into the plastic film recycling machine through a charging port and then conveyed through a screw press to the press chamber. In the press chamber, the raw material is subjected to high temperatures and pressures, where it is gradually melted and mixed. Subsequently, the molten plastic is extruded through the die head to form finished pellets of the desired shape.

Throughout the process, a heating unit provides the necessary thermal energy to ensure the flow of the plastic.

How does a plastic granulator machine work?

Plastic scrap granulator in action

Plastic granulator machine design and structure

This plastic pelletizing machine is mainly composed of feeding port, screw press, press chamber, heating device, discharge port, die head, reducer and other parts.

The diameter of the screw, the distance between the screw and the barrel wall, and the length of the screw in the plastic recycling granulator machine are different according to the different granulating materials. Therefore, one plastic recycling granulator cannot process many materials at the same time.

3 types of heating for plastic granulator

There are three main heating methods for plastic extruder machines in the market: electromagnetic heating, ceramic heating device, and iron heating device.

electromagnetic heating of plastic pelletizing machine

This method generates heat through electromagnetic induction, which can quickly raise the temperature and is suitable for high-efficiency production.

The ironing heater is heated by thermocouples and is suitable for production that requires high-temperature accuracy.

iron heating device
ceramic heating device

The ceramic heating method has stability and uniformity, suitable for the production process that needs to maintain a certain temperature.

3 types of die heads for plastic pelletizer

Plastic extruder machine is equipped with three different types of die heads to meet different pelleting needs, i.e., electric gear die head, automatic slag filter and hydraulic die head. Customers can choose the right diehead according to their needs.

electric gear die head

Electric gear die head

The electric gear die head of the plastic recycling granulator is suitable for pellet production that requires high precision and consistency. It is driven by motorized gears to precisely control the size and shape of the pellets.

Hydraulic die head

The hydraulic die head is driven by a hydraulic system and is suitable for pellet production requiring high pressure and density.

hydraulic die head
automatic slag filter

Automatic slag filter

The automatic slag filter automatically filters out unwanted material to ensure the purity of the finished product.

Parameters of plastic granulator machine

Screw diameter125mm150mm180mm210mm220mm
Spindle speed50-70/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power30kw37kw55kw75kw90kw
Reducer hard gear225250280315330
Plastic recycling granulator parameters

These are the hot plastic pelletizing machine models from Shuliy, we also offer more options to meet different processing needs. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us, we can recommend you the most suitable plastic granulator model according to your needs, so that you can be more efficient in the process of plastic reuse.

Advantages of plastic extruder machine

  • Efficient processing: High level of automation technology in machinery and equipment and low labor costs. Plastic extruder machine can process all types of plastics and produce high-quality pellets in a short period of time, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.
  • Customization: The customizability of the die head enables producers to formulate pellets in different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of various applications.
  • Long service life: Equipped with a stainless steel thermostat system, it has good heat insulation, high abrasion and corrosion resistance, and a long service life. Screws and barrels are specially hardened to provide wear resistance, good mixing performance and high output.

Successful cases of plastic granulator machine

Pelletizing equipment was sent to Ghana

A customer from Ghana purchased our plastic extruder machine and successfully converted waste polyethylene plastic into high-quality pellets, reducing production costs. The customer is very satisfied with Shuliy’s service and product quality.

Plastic recycling granulator machine exported to Ethiopia

A customer from Ethiopia has a business specializing in plastic recycling with many years of experience. He wanted to purchase new equipment for recycling plastic to increase capacity and quality, so he visited Shuliy and successfully purchased the plastic recycling processing equipment.

Related plastic recycling line

Plastic extruder machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in plastic film recycling line, the whole line includes plastic crusher, plastic washing tank, plastic pelletizer, cooling tank and plastic granules cutter. According to different material characteristics, we support customized plastic recycling and pelletizing line solutions.

Plastic pelletizer machine price

If you are interested in our plastic granulators or need more information and quotation, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be happy to support you and help you choose the right plastic pellet making machine for your needs.

plastic granulator machine factory
plastic granulator machine factory

Contact Shuliy for plastic pelletizing technology

As one of the leading plastic extruder machine manufacturers, Shuliy is committed to providing high quality plastic pelletizer machines. We aim to solve the various challenges that our customers may face during the extrusion process and provide you with the best quality pelletizer equipment in the market.

If you need plastic extrusion related services or recycling equipment, feel free to contact Shuliy to learn more about our custom plastic extrusion capabilities and manufacturing processes. With over a decade of experience in the plastics industry, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.