Shuliy plastic shredder machine is a specialized machine designed to process all kinds of plastic bottles, crushing them into small pieces or bottle flakes for reuse. It adopts advanced technology to efficiently and rapidly process large quantities of plastic waste, providing important support for the environmental protection industry and sustainable development.

Plastic crushing machine working process

Introduction of plastic shredder machine

PET plastic shredder machine plays a key role in the plastic bottle recycling plant because usually, un-crushed plastic bottles cannot be recycled directly. Due to the large size of plastic bottles, it is difficult to clean them without crushing them.

plastic bottle crusher
plastic bottle crusher

However, the problem is solved by processing waste plastics using PET plastic shredder machines. These PET bottle crushing machines are capable of crushing plastic bottles into thin flakes, which makes it easier to reprocess and reuse the plastic material. This process greatly contributes to sustainable plastic recycling.

Raw material and finished product of PET bottle crusher

Shuliy plastic shredder machine processes various types of plastic bottles including beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles, and more.

PET bottle crushing machine processes these plastic bottles into small pieces or bottle flakes and these finished products can be used to manufacture recycled plastic products. These bottle flakes can be used to make new plastic bottles, plastic packaging materials, plastic containers and more, realizing the goal of converting waste into valuable resources.

Working principle of PET bottle crushing machine

The working principle of the plastic shredder machine is based on the synergy between the blades and the rotating shaft.

When the plastic bottles are fed into the machine, the rotating shaft starts to rotate and the blades rapidly rotate and cut the bottles, breaking them into small pieces or flakes. These fragments can then be transferred to the next processing stage via conveyor belts or pipes, or directly collected for subsequent utilization.

Video of plastic bottle shredder

How to crush plastic bottles into PET flakes?

Data of plastic shredder machine

The following parameters are the basic data of hot sale plastic bottle crusher machine, we can design different models and appearances according to your special needs. If you are interested in plastic bottle crusher for recycling, please feel free to contact us.

Capacity (kg/h)500100015003000
Motor (kw)22377590
Height (m)
Thickness of the knife (mm)30404040
Plate thickness (mm)16203030
Technical parameters of plastic bottle crusher machine

Successful case: Shuliy plastic crusher is exported to many countries!

2 plastic crushers shipped to Ghana

A customer from Ghana chose to purchase two plastic crushers from Shuliy. The customer had stringent requirements for the quality and performance of PET bottle crusher and was so impressed with Shuliy’s reputation and product quality that he decided to purchase plastic bottle crusher machine from Shuliy.

Through the professional services and high quality products provided by Shuliy, the customer was able to obtain two plastic crushers that met his expectations for a reliable and efficient plastics processing solution for his business in Ghana.

Plastic bottle recycling machine exported to Nigeria

A customer from Nigeria has purchased a set of plastic bottle recycling machines including plastic bottle crusher from Shuliy. This set of plastic recycling equipment is designed to help the customer in the effective recycling and reuse of plastic bottles. Shuliy provides high quality plastic crusher that effectively crushes plastic bottles into smaller particles for subsequent reprocessing and recycling.

Advantages of plastic shredder machine

  • High efficiency: This plastic shredder machine adopts advanced technology, which is able to process a large number of plastic bottles in a short time, improving the efficiency of waste disposal.
  • Versatile: This PET bottle crushing machine can crush PET bottles and PVC as well as PP/PE, and there are a variety of models, customers can choose different models according to their needs. You can also consult us for the best solution.
  • Safety: Shuliy plastic bottle crusher is designed with multiple safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator and reduce the risk of accidents during operation.
  • Durability: The plastic bottle crusher machine is made of high-quality materials and a superb manufacturing process, which provides excellent durability and stability, and can last for many years of operation.

Plastic shredder machine price

The plastic shredder machine price varies according to the freight cost, machine model and so on. If you are interested in our plastic bottle shredder and want to get the latest quotation for plastic crusher or other plastic recycling equipment, please feel free to fill in the form in our pop-up window or call us directly. Our sales manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Related plastic recycling equipment

Plastic shredder machine is an essential recycling machine in PET bottle recycling factory. Crushing plastic bottles with plastic crusher is the first step of PET recycling line. Then through the steps of label removal, washing tank, and drying system, we get clean recycled bottle flakes.

plastic bottle recycling plant
plastic bottle recycling plant

If you are interested in the plastic bottle recycling program, please feel free to contact us, our project manager will send you the introduction of each machine and more detailed information within 24 hours.

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