EPE EPS foam granulating line is mainly used to convert waste EPE and EPS foam into useful recycled pellets. The EPE EPS foam granulating line output ranges from 150kg/h-300kg/h. The leading equipment includes plastic foam crusher, EPS hot melting recycling machine, foam plastic recycling granules extruder, EPS foam compactor, plastic cutter machine and so on.

Raw materials and final products of EPE EPS foam granulating line

The main raw material of plastic foam pelletizing line is EPE EPS waste packaging, such as foam fast food boxes, foam packaging boxes, fruit net covers, sound and heat insulation material and other white foam waste.

Through the plastic foam pelletizing line, EPS and EPE foam are pelletized, and new recycled pellets can be obtained in the end. These pellets can be used to make new foam products such as packaging materials, insulation materials and other applications.

What are EPE and EPS foam?

EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene Foam) is a lightweight, flexible, impact-resistant material that is commonly used to package and protect products such as electronic equipment and glassware. It is known for its excellent cushioning properties.

EPE foam
EPE foam

EPS Foam (Expanded Polystyrene Foam) is an expanded polystyrene material also known as white foam or white foam. It is lightweight and strong and is commonly found in food packaging, building materials, arts and crafts.

Process flow of foam pelletizing line

Firstly, the waste plastic foam is introduced into the foam melting machine, where it is converted into a pile of melted plastic materials through a crushing and melting process. Next, these melted lumps of plastic are passed through a foam compactor, where they are compactly compressed into square blocks and then extruded into long strips of material in plastic foam extruder. These strips are then channeled into cooling tank for rapid cooling and finally into plastic pellet cutter, which produces finished pellets of uniform size.

Video of EPE EPS foam granulating line

Introduction of expanded polystyrene recycling machine

foam crushing machine

Foam crushing machine

Foam crushing machine is used to crush large pieces of recycled foam into small pieces that are easy to melt and granulate.

EPS hot melting recycling machine

Plastic foam melting machine

The plastic foam melting machine first crushes white foam scraps and then pushes them with a screw to the heating zone. After being heated and plasticized in the heating zone, the plastic foam is extruded into blocks.

Eps foam compactor

EPS foam compactor

EPS foam compactor is used to compact waste foam into blocks, reduce its volume and increase its density. There are two types of compactors: vertical EPS foam compactor and horizontal EPS foam compactor.

plastic foam extruder

Plastic foam extruder

Plastic foam extruder is the core equipment of the EPE EPS foam granulating line, which consists of crusher and granulator for melting and extruding plastic foam into strips.

cooling tank

Cooling tank

Cooling tank is used to rapidly reduce the temperature of the plastic strips to ensure that they retain their shape and quality.

plastic cutter machine

Plastic pellet cutter

The plastic pellet cutter is the final process which cuts the recycled plastic pellets into consistent sizes and shapes to meet the customer’s needs.

Features of expanded polystyrene recycling machine

  • High efficiency: This EPE EPS foam granulating line efficiently converts waste EPE and EPS foams into useful granular raw materials, minimizing waste and thus reducing production costs.
  • High-quality pellets: Through the compaction and cutting process, the recycling line produces high-quality, consistent foam pellets for a variety of applications.
  • Automated controls: Modern EPE EPS foam granulating lines are often equipped with advanced automated control systems that allow for complete process monitoring and control, resulting in improved production efficiency and quality.
  • Customized production: By adjusting the parameters of expanded polystyrene recycling machine, foam pellets of different specifications and requirements can be produced to meet customers’ needs.