Foam crushing machine is a widely used machine for waste foam material processing. It is an efficient and reliable machine specially designed for crushing and breaking waste plastic foam materials, providing a viable solution for waste recycling and reuse.

foam crushing machine
foam crushing machine

Foam crushing machine applied raw materials

Foam crushing machine is suitable for all types of plastic foams, such as polystyrene foam packaging, EPS foam blocks, casual food boxes, disposable lunch boxes, cake boxes, fruit net covers, protective layers for household appliances and other plastic foams. No matter what type of foam material you use in your production, our plastic foam crusher handle it with ease.

Working principle of plastic foam crusher

Foam crushing machine adopts the double process of cutting and crushing. Firstly, the raw materials are loaded into the hopper and then fed into the cutting chamber through the motor and drive system. In the cutting chamber, specially designed blades cut the foam material into small pieces and then crush it into granules. Finally, through the discharge system, the crushed material is discharged and prepared for further processing or recycling.

Video of EPS foam crusher

Structure of horizontal foam crusher

  • Hopper: The hopper of foam crushing machine is used to introduce plastic foam into the machine. It usually has a suitable design to ensure that the foam material can enter the cutting chamber smoothly.
  • Cutting chamber: The cutting chamber is the key component of the plastic foam crusher and contains the rotating blades and the cutting chamber. This is where the material is cut and crushed.
  • Motor and drive system: A powerful motor and drive system ensures that the cutting blades run at high speeds to cope with different types of foam materials.
  • Discharge system: The crushed plastic foam pieces need to be disposed of through a discharge system for further transportation or storage.

Parameters of foam crushing machine

  • Capacity (KG/H): 250-300
  • Contour size (mm): 1250*1290*660
  • Input size (mm): 800*600
  • Power (KW): 5.5
  • Capacity (KG/H): 300-350
  • Contour size (mm): 1250*1530*660
  • Input size (mm): 1000*600
  • Power (KW): 5.5
  • Capacity (KG/H): 400-450
  • Contour size (mm): 1300*1730*700
  • Input size (mm): 1200*600
  • Power (KW): 7.5
  • Capacity (KG/H): 450-500
  • Contour size (mm): 1600*2200*800
  • Input size (mm): 1500*800
  • Power (KW): 11

Advantages of EPS foam shredder

  • High efficiency: With its high-speed rotating blade and sturdy structure, the plastic foam crusher is able to efficiently crush the foam into small pieces and improve recycling efficiency.
  • Customizable: Shuliy is one of the most professional foam crushing machine manufacturers and the crusher supports customization. These machines usually come with different power and processing capacity options to suit different sizes of production needs.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly: advanced technology is used to minimize energy consumption while reducing the environmental impact of waste.
  • Stability: Rugged construction and reliable motor systems ensure stable operation over long periods of time, reducing maintenance costs.

Foam crushing machine price

The price of plastic foam crusher varies by model, specification and function. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with detailed price information and technical support.