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Shuliy Machinery, with more than two decades of experience in plastic recycling machinery manufacturing, is a leader in the plastic recycling industry. Known for our advanced technology, competitive pricing, superior performance and courteous after-sales service, we have earned a high level of trust and reputation from our customers. Shuliy Machinery firmly believes in providing the best plastic recycling machines and solutions to our customers through our unremitting efforts.

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Plastic Film Recycling Line
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Plastic Film Recycling Line

Plastic film recycling line is mainly used to process all kinds of waste plastic films, plastic bags, woven bags, shopping bags, etc. into recycled pellets. The output is 500-2000kg/h. Here we introduce the workflow, price and so on of plastic recycling machine.

PET bottle washing line
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PET Bottle Washing Line

PET bottle washing line is mainly used to recycle plastic bottles such as carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, etc. into reusable PET bottle flakes. The output range is 500~6000kg/h. In this article, we will introduce the cleaning process, output and price of plastic bottle recycling machine.

PP PE flake recycling line
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PP PE Flake Recycling Line

PP PE flake recycling line is used to convert plastic pots, buckets, tubes, toys, and other discarded rigid plastics into reusable plastic pellets. The production capacity is 200-3000kg/h.

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Plastic Recycling Machinery

plastic cutter machine
Recycling Machinery

Plastic Cutter Machine

Plastic cutter machine is used to cut long plastic strips extruded from plastic pelletizer into plastic pellets of uniform size. The capacity ranges from 150 to 280KG.

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