Automatic feeding machine, as auxiliary equipment for plastic film recycling line, plays an indispensable and important role. It is designed to feed PE and PP plastic film scrap, which is extremely light in material, to the plastic granulator in a continuous and uniform manner, thus improving the efficiency and quality of the production line.

Automatic feeding machine
Automatic feeding machine

Parameters of automatic feeding machine


Advantages of forced feeder

  • The automatic feeder uses a highly automated workflow, reducing the need for manual intervention. This reduces labor costs while increasing the stability and reliability of the production line.
  • The advanced control system ensures accurate feeding of the waste material and can increase pellet production by 20-30% over manual feeding. Waste and downtime in production are avoided.
  • The structure of the forced feeder is designed to be robust and able to cope with long hours of intense work, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Depending on production requirements, automatic feeding machines can be customized to suit various sizes and types of plastic film waste.

Automatic feeding machine display

Recommended plastic film recycling line

The automatic feeding machine is ideal for plastic film recycling line for the efficient processing of PE and PP plastic film waste. It can be used in conjunction with other key equipment, such as plastic granulator and plastic pellet cutting machine, to achieve efficient conversion of waste materials and maximize resource utilization.

automatic feeding machine in plastic granulating line
automatic feeder in plastic granulating line