In Somalia, the owner of a plastic recycling plant recently selected Shuliy’s SL-800 rigid plastic shredder to process waste plastics more efficiently. This plastic waste shredder machine has a capacity of 700-800kg/h and is designed for hard plastic crushing and processing.

plastic waste shredder machine
plastic waste shredder machine

Why Somali customer chose Shuliy plastic crusher?

The Somali customer looking for a rigid plastic shredder for his plastic recycling plant found Shuliy’s plastic waste shredder machine model 800 an ideal choice. The model has been carefully designed and built to handle a wide range of rigid plastics. This makes it stand out in the waste processing, providing customers with an efficient and reliable solution.

Secondly, Shuliy has a wealth of experience and an exceptional technical team as a plastic crusher machine manufacturer known for its innovative and high-quality products. With a high level of trust in Shuliy’s reputation and word of mouth in the industry, the client chose Shuliy’s hard plastic shredder, confident that it would meet his plant’s needs.

Parameters of rigid plastic shredder

PowerWith 35 horsepower diesel engine
Blade sizeLength 400*width 100*thickness 16

Customers visit Shuliy plant to view the plastic crusher

To confirm his choice, the Somali customer made a personal visit to the Shuliy factory. At the factory, he was able to see the Shuliy SL-800 rigid plastic shredder in action. The customer was very satisfied with the results of the plastic waste shredder machine, emphasizing in particular its high efficiency, stability and adaptability to different types of plastics.

Satisfactory processing results

With the Shuliy SL-800 rigid plastic shredder officially in operation, Somali customers are beginning to enjoy its efficient waste processing capabilities. The plastic waste shredder machine’s powerful power system and blade design allow it to quickly and thoroughly process rigid plastic waste, pulverizing it into manageable flakes that provide the ideal feedstock for subsequent recycling processes.

crushed plastic flakes
crushed plastic flakes