Good news! Shuliy plastic recycling granulating line has been successfully shipped to Ethiopia to help customers dispose of waste PP PE plastics. Here are more details about this transaction.

Ethiopian client background

The Ethiopian customer is a family business specializing in plastic recycling with many years of experience in the industry. They already had some old machines but decided to purchase a new plastic recycling granulating line to increase capacity and quality. In addition, they purchased some plastic shredders and plastic drying machines for their customers to further improve the production process.

Customized solutions from Shuliy

The client came to Shuliy with a clear need for a customized plastic recycling granulating line to meet their specific production requirements. The Shuliy worked closely with the client to customize the plastic shredder and plastic dryer as per their requirements, ensuring that these could be seamlessly integrated into their production process.

As a professional plastic pelletizing line supplier, Shuliy offered the customer a substantial discount on their order, along with additional complimentary accessories that were necessary to increase the overall value.

plastic recycling granulating line
plastic recycling granulating line

Parameters of plastic pelletizing line

Plastic shredder machineModel: SLSP-600
Motor power: 45 KW
Capacity: 600-800kg/hour
10pcs knives
Material of knives: 60Si2Mn
With the safety cover
Plastic drying machinePower:7.5+0.75kw
Dimension: 130*900*2150
Stainless steel shell, 304 stainless steel liner and screen
Plastic extruder machineHost plastic pellet making machine
Model: SL-180
Power: 55kw
2.8m screw
Heat method: Ceramic heating
Reducer: 280-Hardened gear reducer
Second plastic pellet making machine
Model: SL-150
Power: 22kw
1.3m screw
Reducer: 250-Hardened gear reducer
Heat method: heating ring heating
Screw material: 40Cr(High hardness and wear resistance)
Barrel material: 45# steel
Plastic pellet cutter3kw
Hob knives
With inverter

Quality and delivery time concerns

In the plastics recycling industry, the quality and delivery time of the equipment is of paramount importance. Customers are very concerned about the quality and on-time delivery of plastic recycling granulating line. Shuliy has successfully met the expectations of its customers with excellent quality control and efficient production processes, ensuring that they get high-performance, reliable equipment, delivered on schedule.

plastic pelletizing line
plastic pelletizing line

Plastic recycling granulating line shipped to Ethiopia

After careful customization and quality checks, the customized plastic recycling granulating line and other equipment have been successfully shipped to the customer’s plant in Ethiopia. The customer has already started using the equipment with satisfactory production results. Shuliy is looking forward to the customer’s feedback and will continue to provide full support to ensure their plastic recycling business thrives.