Plastic film dryer machine is an important and indispensable piece of equipment in plastic film washing plant, which can effectively dry the water in the plastic film to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

Plastic dryer in plastic pelletizing plant

Introduction of plastic film dryer machine

Plastic film dryer machine is a machine specifically designed to remove excess water from plastic film. During the plastic film recycling process, it is often necessary to wash these waste plastics with water.

Vertical type dewatering machine
Vertical type dewatering machine

However, this excess water can affect the quality and performance of the final product and therefore needs to be removed promptly. Vertical type dewatering machines improve productivity and product quality through an efficient drying process that ensures that the plastic film is completely dry before moving on to the next workflow.

Applicable materials for lifting dewatering machine

The plastic drying machine is suitable for all types of plastic film, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and more. Whether you want to pelletize and recycle food packaging, agricultural film, woven bags, plastic bags, or other films, this machine can meet your needs.

Working principle of plastic drying machine

The working principle of the plastic film dryer machine is based on high-speed centrifugal force and hot air circulation. During operation, the plastic film is loaded into the machine and the excess water is thrown out by a centrifugal drum rotating at high speed.

At the same time, by means of hot air circulation, the machine heats the plastic film, accelerating the evaporation of the water. This dual action ensures fast and even drying results, enabling you to finish the flinging job in a short time.

Parameters of plastic dryer

Model of plastic dryerSL-500SL-600
Plastic dehydrator technical data

These are two of Shuliy’s hot-selling plastic drying machines and their capacity, we can also provide customized plastic dryers according to the specifications of plastic recycling plants. If you have any questions or personalized needs feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the most patient service.

Video of plastic film dryer machine

How does plastic drying machine work?

Advantages of plastic dryer

  • Shuliy plastic film dryer machines are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel to ensure superior durability even in harsh working environments. This not only contributes to the long life of the equipment but also reduces maintenance costs.
  • The plastic drying machine is capable of rotating at high speeds to completely remove water from plastic film, thereby significantly increasing productivity. It can process large quantities of film in a short period of time, saving time and energy.
  • Shuliy vertical type dewatering machine can be used in conjunction with other plastic film manufacturing equipment, such as plastic rinsing tanks. This allows you to easily build a complete production line, increasing the degree of integration, reducing the number of production steps, minimizing human intervention and improving product quality.
  • Shuliy offers customization options to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s accommodating different film sizes or meeting different production requirements, we can provide you with the optimal solution.

Plastic film dryer machine price

If you are looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of your plastic film recycling plant, the plastic film dryer machine is the ideal choice for you. We welcome you to contact our sales team at any time for detailed information and quotation. We will provide you with professional advice and offer you the most suitable equipment for your needs.

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In addition to plastic film dryer machine, we also offer a range of equipment related to plastic film recycling, including plastic extruding machines, plastic pellet cutters, and more. This equipment can be used together to build a complete plastic film pelletizing plant to help you maximize the recovery and reuse of resources.

plastic pelletizing machine
plastic pelletizing machine