Sink float plastic separation is an efficient recycling equipment, which is widely used for washing broken PET chips and separating PET bottle flakes and impurities such as caps and labels made of different materials.

sink float plastic separation
sink float plastic separation

Working principle of washing tank

The working principle of a sink float plastic separation is based on density differences. The separation is achieved by creating different buoyancy forces in the water; PET flakes are usually denser than water, so PET flakes sink to the bottom, while lighter materials, such as labels and bottle caps, float to the surface. This ‘sinking and floating’ process separates the different materials so that they can be easily collected and further processed.

Plastic bottle cap sorting machine parameters

Item namePET bottle washing machine
Sizecan be customized
Suitable materialvariety
Motor power3kw
Scope of applicationfor washing PP, PE, PET

Features of sink float plastic separation

Efficient separation

Washing tank uses advanced separation technology to efficiently separate materials such as PET flakes, caps and labels. This can significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of the PET bottle recycling line.

Durable and reliable

Shuliy sink float plastic separations are carefully designed and manufactured for durability and reliability. They work efficiently for long periods of time, reducing maintenance costs.

Customisable design

Sink float plastic separation can be customised to meet different production requirements and are suitable for PET bottle recycling lines of all sizes. Whether you are a small factory or a large recycling plant, there is a solution for you.

Easy to operate

The operation of the PET bottle washing machine is relatively simple and staff can easily master the operation techniques, which reduces the operation cost.

Plastic chips washing machine price

Plastic chips washing machine price vary by model, size and additional features. We encourage you to contact our sales team for a personalised quote. Our professionals will provide detailed information on your needs and offer you the most competitive price.

Recommended PET bottle recycling line

For best recycling results, we recommend a PET bottle recycling line with a sink float plastic separation. This can be seamlessly integrated with other equipment such as plastic shredders, hot washing tanks and plastic dryers to build a highly automated PET bottle recycling system. Our dedicated team can provide customised advice to meet your production needs.

PET bottle recycling line
PET bottle recycling line