In the plastics recycling industry, the inclined belt conveyor has become indispensable, providing efficient conveying solutions for all aspects of production lines such as plastic pelletizing line and plastic bottle recycling line.

inclined belt conveyor
inclined belt conveyor

Conveyor belt function

Inclined belt conveyor is conveyor belt devices that have an inclined angle and are mainly used to transport materials from a low point to a high point. These conveyor belts play a vital role in the production of plastic pelletizing line and PET bottle washing line, where they ensure that plastic films and bottles are transferred smoothly between the different process stages.

They are responsible for transporting the plastic raw material to the pelletizing plant or the bottles from the washing stage to the next production stage, effectively linking the various stages of the production process and thus guaranteeing a consistent and efficient production process.

Parameters of inclined belt conveyor


Conveyor belt design

The conveyor belt design consists of a belt conveyor steel frame structure, a PVC belt with a scraper, a redirecting roller, an active roller and a speed-regulated motor.

Iron removal device of inclined belt conveyor

In addition to the basic conveying function, the inclined belt conveyor can be equipped with a conveyor belt de-ironing device to ensure that the material being conveyed is free of iron impurities. This is particularly important during the production process, as iron contamination can damage machinery and reduce product quality. By using a belt de-ironiser, you can keep your line running smoothly and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Advantages of Shuliy inclined transport machine

  • The use of these conveyor belts can greatly increase the level of automation in production lines. They can continuously convey material to a specified location without human intervention, thus reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.
  • Since inclined belt conveyors are usually designed in a vertical or inclined form, they can convey materials in limited spaces. This is critical for space utilization in factories and production plants.
  • Conveyor belts can be customized to meet customer requirements, including belt length, width, angle of inclination, conveying speed, etc. This enables shuliy conveyor belts to meet the specific needs of different production lines, providing the optimum conveying solution.
conveyor belt and plastic shredder
conveyor belt and plastic shredder

Recommended plastic recycling lines

Plastic granulating line

Plastic pelletizing line is a kind of production line that converts waste plastics into recycled granules, which requires several processes, including cleaning, crushing, pelletizing, etc. Inclined belt conveyor can be used to convey plastic waste, cleaned plastics and granular raw materials in this production line, which ensures the smooth connection between various processes and improves the production efficiency.

belt in plastic pelletizing line
belt in plastic pelletizing line

Plastic bottle washing line

Plastic bottle washing line is a production line that converts waste plastic bottles into PET flakes, the process includes washing, crushing and drying.
In plastic bottle washing line, inclined belt conveyor can be used to transport the plastic bottles to be washed from the feeding end to the washing equipment, ensuring that the plastic can move smoothly during the washing process, so as to achieve an efficient washing effect.

belt in plastic bottle recycling line
belt in plastic bottle recycling line