Good News! Customized 150-200kg/h HDPE pelletizing machines from Shuliy are successfully running for a Togolese customer. The customer is very satisfied with the operation of HDPE granules making machine and the machine will be shipped to the customer’s pelletizing plant shortly.

HDPE granules making machine
HDPE granules making machine

HDPE granules manufacturing process

Togo customer’s needs

The customer from Togo was facing the problem of waste plastic disposal and decided to purchase an HDPE pelletizing line after extensive market research and multiple comparisons. After carefully evaluating and comparing many options, the customer finally chose Shuliy, which has won the customer’s trust due to its leading technology, excellent quality and high-quality service.

Factory site visit and satisfaction feedback

In order to ensure that the customer has a good understanding of the performance and operating results of the Shuliy HDPE pelletizing machine and that the HDPE granules making machine purchased meet his needs, the customer made a special trip to visit Shuliy’s factory and inspect it. At the factory site, the customer witnessed the running effect of Shuliy 150-200KG/H HDPE pelletizing machine and carried out a detailed inspection and test.

From the raw material input to the finished pellet production process, the machine runs stably and produces high quality HDPE pellets. By observing the running status of the machine, the production efficiency and the quality of the finished products, the customer highly evaluated the performance of Shuliy’s equipment and the production effect, and expressed his great satisfaction.

HDPE pelletizing machine to be shipped to the customer’s plant soon

After the successful visit, the customer has developed a high level of trust and recognition for Shuliy’s HDPE pelletizing machine. The HDPE granules making machine will be shipped to the customer’s plant in Togo soon. This will be an important step for the customer to solve the problem of waste plastics and realize the reuse of resources, and Shuliy is looking forward to providing excellent technical support and high-quality equipment to the customer in Togo through this cooperation, so as to jointly promote the cause of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Welcome to visit Shuliy plastic pelletizing line factory

We sincerely invite all partners who are interested in Shuliy to visit our plastic pelletizing line factory. As an enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality equipment and professional technical support, we are looking forward to providing more customers with the best solutions.

Whether you are looking for a solution to your plastic waste problem or are interested in HDPE pelletizing machine, we welcome you to visit our factory. Here, you can see for yourself our advanced production equipment, and our professional technical team, and get an in-depth understanding of the efficient and reliable HDPE pelletizing machine that Shuliy has to offer.