Good News! Plastic granulation line for HDPE plastics has been successfully installed and is already in operation in Nigeria. The customer is very satisfied with this transaction.

Plastic granulation line in Nigeria
Plastic granulation line in Nigeria

Customization of HDPE plastic granulation line

Customer demand analysis

In response to the customer’s demand, Shuliy team conducted an in-depth demand analysis with the customer. The customer indicated the need for an HDPE plastic film washing and pelletizing line to convert waste plastic materials into high-quality recycled pellets. The pellets can be used to produce new plastic products, reducing the dependence on virgin plastic.

Customized Solution

Based on the client’s requirement, Shuliy provided a complete solution including the design, fabrication and installation of plastic granulation line. This plastic film washing and pelletizing line utilizes advanced technology to ensure efficient production while reducing waste and resource wastage.

Installation and commissioning

Technical support team

The customer chose Shuliy as their partner, trusting in Shuliy’s reputation and expertise. Shuliy’s technical team responded quickly to the customer’s needs and traveled to Nigeria to assist in the installation and commissioning of the equipment, ensuring that everything was working well. They provided expert technical guidance to ensure the smooth installation and operation of the plastic granulation line.

Equipment put into operation

With the assistance of the technical team, the HDPE plastic granulation line was quickly put into operation. With the assistance of the technical team, the HDPE plastic recycling pelletizing line was put into operation quickly, and the customer can start to transform the waste HDPE plastic into high-quality recycled pellets, contributing to sustainable plastics production. The commissioning of the HDPE recycling pelletizing line is an important milestone, which provides high-quality recycling pelletizing service for the customer.

Customized PET bottle recycling line installation

In addition to the HDPE plastic granulation line, the customer also customized a PET bottle recycling business. This was a huge project that required a specialized PET bottle washing plant to process PET bottle plastic waste. Shuliy also supplied a specialized PET bottle recycling line to the Nigerian client to meet its diverse needs.

PET water bottle recycling machine
PET water bottle recycling machine

Shuliy helps you start your plastic recycling business

Shuliy is committed to providing customers with comprehensive plastic recycling solutions. Not only can we customize HDPE plastic granulation line, but we can also provide technical advice and after-sales support to ensure that customers receive excellent service throughout the production process. Customers can always consult Shuliy’s team of professionals for advice and support on their plastic recycling business.