Plastic pellet storage bin is an efficient storage equipment in plastic recycling lines. Storage and management are crucial in the plastics recycling process. Especially in the field of plastic granulator production and PET washing line for the production of PET bottle flakes, the storage of plastic granules and bottle flakes is an indispensable part of the process.

Plastic pellet storage bin
Plastic pellet storage bin

Function of plastic pellet storage bin

The plastic flake storage bin is designed to provide the perfect storage solution for the plastics manufacturing and recycling industry. Its functions include:

  • Storing plastic pellets: This is its primary function, the storage bin is able to safely and cleanly store all types of plastic pellets, ensuring their quality and availability.
  • Increased productivity: By storing plastic pellets in a centralized container, your production line will be more efficient. Frequent pellet changes are no longer necessary, saving valuable production time.
  • Reduce scrap and losses: The sealed design of the storage bin prevents moisture, contamination or deterioration of the plastic pellets and flakes, thus reducing scrap and losses.

Advantages of storage bin

  • Increased productivity: High-capacity storage and automated control systems mean that production lines can run continuously, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Quality assurance: The sealed and insulated design guarantees the quality of the pellets and avoids moisture and contamination problems.
  • Space saving: The vertical design of the plastic pellet storage bin saves space and makes it more suitable for the needs of modern factories.
  • Customization: Plastic pellet storage bin can be customized according to the customer’s needs in terms of capacity, size and material.

Shuliy storage bin for sale

Shuliy’s best-selling storage unit models are 1-2 tons, featuring 2.2 kW of power, dimensions of 1500*1500*2600 mm, and a GVW of 120 kg.
Not only do Shuliy barns offer superior performance, they also feature a range of customization options to meet specific customer needs. The stainless steel material ensures that the barn is durable and hygienic for a wide range of industrial environments. We can also customize to meet customer requirements, including capacity, size and additional features to ensure that the Plastic Pellet Storage Bin is perfectly suited to your production needs.

stock bins in plant
stock bins in plant