Shuliy plastic pelletizing plant has been successfully installed in Oman and now the plastic recycling machines are in operation and the customer is very satisfied with the operation results. Besides the efficient plastic recycling machine, what else does Shuliy offer to its customers?

Plastic pelletizing plant successfully installed in Oman

Oman customer demand analysis

As a leader in the local plastics industry, the Omani customer puts forward strict requirements for the needs of plastic pelletizing plants. They seek to improve production efficiency, maximize raw material utilization, and simultaneously require an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient pelletizing process. Understanding the customer’s needs is the first step to Shuliy’s success. Through in-depth communication and detailed understanding, we ensure that we meet the customer’s requirements.

waste plastics
waste plastics

Machine selection and customization

Shuliy’s team of professionals provides Omani customers with a comprehensive plastic recycling processing equipment selection proposal based on an understanding of the customer’s needs. Shuliy recommended a state-of-the-art plastic pelletizing plant based on the client’s scale of production and type of raw material. The plastic recycling processing equipment’s high production capacity and excellent pellet quality control system ensure that the customer can produce recycled plastic pellets that meet the market demand.

plastic recycling processing equipment
plastic recycling processing equipment

Based on the plastic recycling granulator machine selection, Shuliy also customized the machine according to the specific needs of the Omani client. They have meticulously adapted the machines to suit local environmental conditions and production processes. This customized service enables the plastic pelletizing machine to better adapt to the Omani customer’s production needs after installation, improving plastic pelletizing plant efficiency and reducing production costs.

On-site installation and commissioning

Shuliy not only supplied the equipment but also sent a professional technical team to Oman to participate in the on-site installation and commissioning work. Upon arrival of the equipment in Oman, our technicians worked immediately to ensure that each piece of equipment could be properly installed and work together with other equipment.

During the on-site plastic pelletizing plant installation, Shuliy’s engineers worked closely with local workers to ensure the plastic pelletizing line was installed correctly and operated properly. At the same time, they also carried out comprehensive debugging to optimize the plastic recycling processing equipment‘s parameters to ensure the production line’s stability and productivity of the plastic pelletizing plant.

Customer feedback for plastic pelletizing plant

The Omani customer is satisfied with the services provided by Shuliy and has achieved considerable results in the production process. The improvement of plastic pelletizing plant production efficiency makes the competitiveness of the customer’s products obvious improvement, and the improvement of raw material utilization rate also saves the cost for the enterprise.