PET is a common plastic material widely used in the manufacture of bottles and containers. The PET washing line is a specially designed equipment for washing and recycling PET bottles. With PET bottle flakes washing line, we can obtain high-quality PET flakes that can be fully utilized in the recycling process.

PET washing line
PET washing line

The working principle of PET washing line

PET bottle washing line is a system consisting of a series of mechanical equipment and process steps. First, waste PET bottles are collected and fed into the washing line. Here, the bottles are washed and removed from attached dirt, labels and other impurities. Next, after steps such as crushing and shredding, the PET bottles are cut into small pieces or fragments. Finally, these fragments are processed through washing, rinsing and drying to produce a final output of high-quality PET flakes.

High-quality PET flake characteristics

  • High purity: PET flakes processed in PET washing lines are usually of high purity and contain few impurities and contaminants. This makes these flakes very suitable for recycling.
  • Uniformity: The size and shape of PET flakes can be controlled during the PET washing line process, so the output flakes usually have a more uniform specification, which is conducive to subsequent processing and applications.
  • Plasticity: PET flakes have good plasticity and can be reprocessed into new PET products, such as fibers, containers, clothing, etc. through heating and molding.
clean PET flakes
clean PET flakes

The use of PET flakes

Recycled PET production

High-quality PET flakes from PET washing lines are the main raw material for recycled PET. These flakes can be heated and processed for molding to produce new PET products such as bottles, fibers, and other plastic products.

Saving resources and energy

Utilizing PET flakes obtained from PET washing lines not only reduces the need for new raw materials but also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. Recycling PET bottles helps to conserve natural resources, reduce the use of fossil fuels and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Increase sustainability

Utilizing PET bottle washing lines to produce high-quality PET flakes helps promote a circular economy model. This model maximizes the life cycle of raw materials, reduces waste, and promotes sustainable development.

PET bottle recycle machine
PET bottle recycle machine