Good news! Shuliy films recycling pelletizer was successfully shipped to South Africa to help customers realize efficient recycling and reuse of waste plastic film.

Parameters of plastic pelletizer for sale in south Africa

recycled plastic pellet machine

Capacity: 50kg/hour
Power: 18.5kw+1.1kw
screw: 90mm

Successful export of plastic pelletizer to South Africa

The state-of-the-art films recycling pelletizer was successfully shipped to the customer’s plant in South Africa after careful preparation and coordination. The arrival of this films recycling pelletizer marks a technological leap for the plastic recycling industry in South Africa. The customer expressed that he was very satisfied with the plastic pelletizer for sale in South Africa and the service provided by Shuliy and looked forward to contributing to the local environmental protection cause through this waste film recycling machine.

Features of Shuliy films recycling pelletizer

Shuliy, a leading manufacturer of plastic waste recycling and processing equipment, is committed to developing efficient and reliable waste film recycling machines that provide viable solutions to the cause of environmental protection. The plastic film pelletizer successfully shipped to South Africa incorporates several key features:

High efficiency and productivity

Shuliy’s films recycling pelletizer is known for its efficient pelletizing capacity. Through advanced technology and design, it is capable of converting large quantities of waste plastic film into high-quality plastic pellets in a short period of time, thus meeting the mass production needs of customers.

plastic pellet extruder machine
plastic pellet extruder machine

Precise waste treatment

This well-designed waste film recycling machine is capable of effectively processing different types and thicknesses of plastic film waste, crushing, melting, and converting them into uniform pellets, providing ideal raw materials for subsequent reprocessing.

Reliable operation and maintenance

Shuliy’s films recycling pelletizer is favored for its reliability and low maintenance costs. Their plastic pelletizers are made of durable materials that provide stable operational performance and are easy to maintain, greatly reducing operating costs for customers.

plastic recycling granulator
plastic recycling granulator