HDPE granules extruder is a key equipment for converting plastic waste into recycled plastic pellets and its installation process is crucial. After receiving the plastic recycling pelletizer machine, proper installation is crucial and affects the performance and output of the equipment. Shuliy, as a plastic granulator machine manufacturer, not only provides high-quality HDPE granules extruders but also offers professional installation services to ensure that the equipment can be put into production smoothly.

plastic granulator
plastic granulator

HDPE granules extruder assembly steps

Acceptance of equipment

Before starting the assembly, inspect and accept the HDPE granules extruder that arrives. Check that all parts and accessories are complete and make sure there are no shipping damaged or missing parts.

Installation of rack and foundation

Place the rack in the designated location and make sure the ground is level and stable. Install and fix the rack and foundation according to the drawings and guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Installation of screws and molds

Installing the HDPE granules extruder screw and mold is a critical step in the assembly of the plastic granulator. Install and adjust the screws and molds correctly according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that they fit tightly and run smoothly.

Connect the electrical system

Connect the electrical system of the plastic recycling pelletizer machine. According to the electrical drawings, correctly connect the power cord, control panel, and other electrical components, and make sure all electrical connections are firm and reliable.

Complete debugging and inspection

After the assembly is completed, carry out the commissioning and inspection of the plastic recycling pelletizer machine. Check all connected components to ensure that the HDPE granules extruder can operate properly. Make necessary adjustments and calibrations to ensure efficient operation of the plastic granulation equipment.

What can Shuliy offer to clients buying plastic pelletizers?

Professional team support

Shuliy has a team of experienced professionals who can provide customers with professional installation services for HDPE granules extruders. They have rich technical knowledge and operational experience to complete the equipment assembly and commissioning efficiently and accurately.

Customized solutions

Shuliy provides customized solutions according to customer needs and site conditions. They will flexibly arrange installation services according to customer requirements and equipment specifications to ensure that the plastic granulation equipment can be installed in the shortest possible time.

Quality assurance and after-sales service

Shuliy is responsible for the quality of the installation services provided and is committed to providing continuous after-sales service support to its customers. Whether it is a problem in the operation of the HDPE granules extruder or the subsequent maintenance needs, Shuliy will respond promptly and provide solutions to ensure the long-term stable operation of the customer’s plastic recycling pelletizer machine.

plastic pelletizer
plastic pelletizer