Plastic materials shredders play a key role in modern society for processing waste plastics and converting them into reusable raw materials. Choosing the right plastic crusher is crucial when processing waste plastics. However, once a waste plastic crusher machine has been selected to suit the needs, correct installation and commissioning are also key steps in ensuring its efficient operation.

hard plastic shredder
hard plastic shredder

Preparation work before installation

Before the plastic materials shredder arrives, performing some preparatory work can ensure a smoother installation process. First, clean up the installation area to ensure there is enough space to accommodate the plastic scrap crusher machine and provide the necessary ventilation. Second, check that all installation tools and accessories are complete so that they are ready for use during the installation process.

Plastic materials shredder installation steps

Unpacking and checking

After unpacking, carefully check that the plastic materials shredder and its accessories are intact. Check if the parts are complete and make sure there is no damage during transportation.

Determine the location

According to the size of the waste plastic crusher machine and work requirements, choose the appropriate location to place the plastic crusher. Make sure the equipment is placed smoothly and the surrounding environment is well-ventilated.

Assemble the equipment

Follow the steps to assemble the plastic scrap crusher machine according to the installation instructions. The installation process may involve connecting the power supply, installing the blades or adjusting other parts.

rigid plastic shredder
rigid plastic shredder

Connecting the power supply

Connect the unit to the power source correctly, ensuring that the power adapter meets the requirements and that the power line is properly connected.

Plastic scrap crusher machine test run

After completing the installation of plastic materials shredder, perform an initial test run of the unit to ensure that everything is working properly. Check the direction of rotation, noise and operation of the unit.

Installation service provided by Shuliy

Shuliy is a professional plastic crusher manufacturer, which not only provides high-quality plastic materials shredder but also provides professional installation service. Their service team consists of experienced technicians who can help with the following.

  • Professional guidance: Shuliy can provide customers with detailed plastic scrap crusher machine installation guide to help them complete the installation process smoothly.
  • Remote guidance: Through phone calls or video conferencing, Shuliy technicians can guide customers remotely, answer questions about the plastic materials shredder installation process, and provide real-time support.
  • On-site Installation: For more specialized installations, Shuliy can send a technical team to the site to perform the installation and ensure proper installation and commissioning of the waste plastic crusher machine.
Plastic crushing machine installation in Nigeria
Plastic crushing machine installation in Nigeria