LDPE film recycling line is used to process, melt and pelletize waste plastics. Although these plastic pelletizing lines play a key role in the plastics recycling process, their energy consumption is an important consideration. In this article, we’ll look at the amount of energy consumed by plastics pelletizing lines, as well as several ways to reduce energy consumption.

plastic pelletizing line
plastic pelletizing line

Energy consumption of LDPE film recycling line

LDPE film recycling lines usually involve several steps, including cleaning, crushing, melting, and pelletizing. During these steps, energy consumption is mainly concentrated in the following areas:

Crushing and cleaning

Crushing of waste LDPE film usually requires large mechanical equipment, including plastic crushers and cleaning equipment. The power consumption of these equipment is relatively high, especially in the cleaning process, and the water and energy usage is also high.

Melting and pelletizing

Melting and pelletizing are key steps in the LDPE film recycling line. It requires high temperatures and pressures and consumes large amounts of heat and electricity. The heating of the LDPE during the melting process uses a lot of energy, and the mechanical operation of the pelletizing process requires a considerable amount of electricity.

Plastic granulation line
Plastic granulation line

Reduce the energy consumption of plastic pelletizing line

Equipment renewal and optimization

Adopting more energy-efficient equipment and technology is the key to reducing energy consumption. Update and optimize the LDPE film recycling line equipment, choose plastic crusher, plastic extruder and cooling system with high energy efficiency ratio to reduce energy waste.

Recycling heat energy

The heat generated during the plastic melting process can be recycled through proper heat recovery systems and used to heat the raw material or other parts of the heating process, thus reducing energy consumption.

Process optimization and automation

Optimize the production process of the whole LDPE film recycling line and adopt advanced automation control system to accurately control the temperature, pressure and equipment operating parameters in order to reduce energy waste and improve production efficiency.

Material selection and pretreatment

Optimizing the selection of plastic recycling materials and pretreatment process, reduces the degree of contamination and foreign matter content of the original material, and can reduce the consumption of energy in cleaning and treatment of pollutants.

recycling plastic pelletizing line
recycling plastic pelletizing line