Waste plastic granulator is an important piece of equipment used to turn waste plastics into useful plastic pellets for resource recycling and environmental protection. However, maintenance is indispensable to ensure the smooth operation of waste plastic granulator and extend their service life. In this article, we will introduce how to maintain the plastic pellet maker to ensure its efficient and stable operation.

waste plastic granulator
waste plastic granulator

Maintenance of waste plastic granulator

Regular cleaning

Keeping the plastic pellet maker clean is the first step in maintenance. Waste plastic pellets may leave residues during processing, and these residues can clog the machine and reduce productivity. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential. The cleaning process should include disassembling parts, removing residues, and lubricating necessary mechanical parts of plastic pelletizing recycling machine.

Inspection of worn parts

Wear parts of the waste plastic granulator, such as screws and mold, will wear out after a long time of use. Regularly check the wear of these parts and replace or repair them if any problems are found. Maintenance of wear parts can reduce scrap production and increase the utilization rate of plastic scrap.

Maintain proper working temperature

The working temperature of the waste plastic granulator has an important effect on production efficiency. Ensure that the plastic pellet maker operates within the appropriate temperature range to ensure that the plastic can be melted and pelletized smoothly. At the same time, avoid excessive temperatures that may damage the plastic pelletizing recycling machine and the plastic.

Use appropriate waste plastics

It is important to choose the right waste plastic for the waste plastic granulator. Different types of plastics require different processing parameters, so using unsuitable plastics may reduce efficiency and damage the plastic pelletizing recycling machine. Make sure that the quality and type of waste plastic match the requirements of the machine.

Regular maintenance

A regular maintenance program is essential for a waste plastic granulator. Develop and implement a regular maintenance program that includes cleaning, lubrication, parts replacement, etc. to ensure smooth operation of the machine. This will extend the life of the PP PE plastic pelletizing machine and increase productivity.

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