Plastic recycling granulator is an important equipment widely used to convert waste plastics into recycled pellets for manufacturing new plastic products. As one of the core components of plastic granulators, different types of plastic extruder machine die heads have different functions and characteristics. This article will introduce three common types of plastic extruder machine die heads: electric gear die head, automatic slag filter and hydraulic die head.

Electric gear die heads

Electric gear die head is a common type of plastic extruder machine die head, and its working principle is based on electric gear drive. The die head transmits the power from the electric motor to the cutting parts through a gear system to cut and pelletize the plastic. This type of die head has the advantages of easy operation and compact structure and is suitable for small plastic granulators.

The use of the electric gear die head allows the gear ratios to be adjusted according to production requirements in order to control the size and output of the pellets. This makes the production process more flexible and able to accommodate different types and sizes of plastics.

Automatic slag filter

The automatic slag filter is a kind of plastic extruder machine die head designed for the problem of impurities and pollution generated during the production process of the granulator. Traditional granulators are often affected by impurities during operation, which can easily lead to fluctuations in production quality. The automatic slag filter, however, is able to automatically identify and filter out impurities of different sizes through the built-in intelligent sensors and filter system, guaranteeing the quality and purity of the granules.

automatic slag filter
automatic slag filter

The introduction of this type of mold head greatly reduces the frequency of manual maintenance and lightens the burden of operators. At the same time, the use of an automatic slag filter can also extend the service life of the machine and improve the stability and reliability of the plastic granulator machine.

Hydraulic die head

Hydraulic die head is a kind of plastic extruder machine die head driven by the hydraulic system. Compared to other die heads, the hydraulic die head excels in handling large-scale, high-strength plastics production. Its main feature is its ability to provide greater cutting force and higher productivity.

The hydraulic die head works by pushing the cutting knives through a hydraulic cylinder to make cuts, offering the advantages of stability and wide adaptability. This die head is suitable for handling hard plastics that are difficult to cut, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), as well as some specially shaped raw materials.