Plastic film crusher machine is a kind of equipment widely used in the recycling of waste plastics, however, in the process of using it, some users may face the problem of vibration that occurs from time to time when the machine is working. In this article, we will discuss in depth the reasons for the vibration of the waste plastic crusher machine in operation and propose some solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

plastic film crusher machine
plastic film crusher machine

Reasons for plastic film crusher machine vibration

Uneven wear of knives

Knives are the core components of plastic film crusher machine, if the knives wear unevenly, it will cause the machine to vibrate during operation. Knife wear is unavoidable after long-term use, but failure to replace or maintain it in time may lead to increased vibration problems.

Bearing failure

The bearings inside the plastic film crusher machine are responsible for supporting the rotating parts. If the bearings fail, it will lead to instability and vibration when the machine is running. Bearing problems can be caused by prolonged use, insufficient lubrication or ingress of contaminants.

plastic materials shredder
plastic materials shredder

Uneven feed

During the plastic crushing process, if the feed is not uniform, it can lead to an unbalanced load on the machine, which can cause vibration. This may be related to the shape and size of the material or the way it is fed.

Motor problems

The motor is the power source of the plastic film crusher machine, if there are problems with the motor, such as short-circuiting of the windings, bending of the motor shaft, etc., it will lead to machine vibration during operation.

Ways to solve the vibration of plastic crusher

Regular inspection and replacement of knives

To prevent uneven wear of knives, the operator should regularly check the wear of plastic crusher machine blades and replace badly worn knives promptly. Maintaining the sharpness of the cutters will help reduce the machine’s vibration during operation and prolong the waste plastic crusher machine’s service life.

Regular lubrication of bearings

Regularly lubricate and maintain the bearings of the plastic film crusher machine to ensure that they are in good working condition. Suitable lubricant and regular replacement are effective means to prevent bearing failure.

waste plastic crusher
waste plastic crusher

Control the feed evenly

By adjusting the feeding method, ensure that the material can be evenly distributed on the cutter to avoid the instability of the machine caused by uneven feeding. Consider using a feeding device to achieve more uniform feeding.

Regular checks of the motor

Regularly check the operating status of the waste plastic crusher machine motor, including the motor winding, shaft bending and other conditions. Find problems in time and repair or replace them to ensure normal operation of the motor and reduce the vibration of the plastic recycle machine crusher.

plastic shredder machine factory
plastic shredder machine factory