Plastic recycling and reuse has become particularly important in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious society. Among them, making plastic pellets from recycled plastic bags is an effective recycling method. In this article, we will describe the whole process of how to utilize recycled plastic bags to recover plastic and process it through plastic bags pelletizing machine.

plastic granules
plastic granules

The importance of recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags are usually made from plastics such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), which are difficult to degrade and have a long-term impact on the environment. Therefore, recycling plastic bags is a crucial step in reducing environmental pollution. Through recycling, these plastic bags can be reprocessed and converted into recycled plastic pellets for the production of new plastic products, thus reducing the need for new raw materials, resource consumption, and environmental impact.

woven bags
woven bags

Steps in making plastic pellets

Collection and sorting

First, discarded plastic bags need to be collected. Once these bags have been collected, they need to be sorted in order to separate the different types of plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Sorting is done to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the subsequent processing steps.

Cleaning and shredding

After collection and sorting, the plastic bags need to be cleaned to remove impurities and dirt attached to the surface. After cleaning, the plastic bags are fed into a plastic crusher to break them into small particles for subsequent processing.

Melting and pelletizing

The crushed plastic pieces are fed into the plastic pelletizer through a process of heating and melting. This machine extrudes the melted plastic and cuts it into plastic pellets of the same size. These recycled granules become the raw material that can be used to make new plastic products.


The recycled pellets produced can be used to produce a variety of plastic products such as bags, containers, pipes, etc. These products are recycled to reduce the impact on the environment. These recycled products reduce the need for new plastic raw materials, lower production costs, and reduce the impact on the environment.

Shuliy’s quality plastic bag recycling pelletizers help with recycling

Shuliy is a company that specializes in manufacturing granulators and is committed to providing high-quality plastic recycling equipment to help customers recycle plastics. Its plastic recycling pelletizer machines are manufactured using advanced technology and reliable manufacturing processes to effectively convert recycled plastic bags into high-quality plastic pellets.

pelletizing machine for plastic recycling
pelletizing machine for plastic recycling

Shuliy’s plastic recycling pelletizer machines offer several advantages, including high efficiency, energy efficiency, stability, and ease of operation. Its equipment is capable of handling various types of plastic bags and can be customized and adapted to ensure the production of compliant plastic pellets.