Good news! Shuliy plastic recycling granulator machine has been successfully sent to Nigeria! In this transaction, Shuliy patiently answered all the customer’s questions and gave extra machine parts, the customer was very satisfied.

plastic recycling process equipment
plastic recycling process equipment

Client background and requirements

Our client, located in Nigeria, is a company dedicated to recycling plastics. Faced with the growing problem of plastic pollution, the client urgently needed an efficient plastic recycling solution to increase the recycling rate and achieve effective reuse of waste plastics.

While searching for the right plastic recycling process equipment, the customer came to know that Shuliy’s plastic recycling granulator machine is capable of converting waste plastics into high-quality recycled granules, which is exactly what the customer is looking for in terms of sustainability.

Shuliy’s professional services

Patient answer from the project manager

In the beginning, the customer had some doubts about our plastic recycling granulator machine, so he communicated with our project manager several times to learn more about the working principle and technical parameters of the plastic recycling granulator machine.

Our project manager answered all the customers’ questions with professional knowledge and patience, analyzed the advantages of the plastic recycling granulator machine in-depth, and provided feasible solutions for the customers.

plastic pelletizing extruder machine
plastic pelletizing extruder machine

Patiently introducing plastic recycling granulator machine

To make sure our customers fully understand our plastic recycling process equipment, we use various forms to introduce the machine to them, including video conferences, sending pictures and videos of the plastic recycling pelletizer machine on our initiative, etc. Through these forms, customers can have a more visualized view of the machine. Through these forms, customers can visualize the appearance of the product, the working conditions and other key information.

At the same time, we invite customers to visit our plastic granulator machine factory, so that they can experience the production process of the machine and deepen their trust in the product.

Attentive service and gifts

In order to further increase customers’ trust in our products, we not only provide detailed after-sales service commitment but also give away a large number of spare parts when customers confirm the purchase of plastic recycling granulator machine. This initiative not only provides customers with more comprehensive protection but also makes them feel our care and support for them.