Plastic scrap crusher machine plays an important role in the recycling of waste plastics, however, some users may face a problem that the plastic waste crushing machine discharging speed is too slow. This affects the production efficiency and may lead to equipment failure. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for the slow discharging of plastic recycle machine crushers and propose corresponding solutions.

plastic shredder machine factory
plastic shredder machine factory

Plastic scrap crusher machine discharge slow reason

Equipment failure

Plastic waste crushing machine may have some failures after a long time of use, such as blade wear, transmission system failure, etc. These problems will directly affect the efficiency of the material, resulting in the phenomenon of slow discharge.

plastic materials shredder
plastic materials shredder

Improper selection of materials

Plastic recycle machine crusher is suitable for different kinds of plastics, but if the type of plastic used does not match with the machine, it may lead to discharging difficulties. For example, some special plastics may require adjustments in blade design or crusher parameters.


Some users may overload the plastic to increase production efficiency, however, this can lead to overloading the plastic scrap crusher machine and slowing down the discharge speed.

Solutions to slow plastic crusher discharge

  • Regular maintenance: To avoid plastic scrap crusher machine failure, users should carry out regular maintenance of the plastic crusher, including blade replacement, and lubrication system checks. Through regular maintenance, it can ensure that the plastic waste crushing machine is in the best working condition.
  • Choose the right plastic: When using the plastic scrap crusher machine, users should choose the right type of plastic according to the actual situation to ensure that the plastic matches with the plastic scrap crusher machine to improve the discharging efficiency.
  • Reasonable control of loading amount: To avoid problems caused by overloading, users should reasonably control the loading amount according to the rated capacity of the plastic recycle machine crusher to ensure that it operates within the safe load range.