Plastic scrap crushing machine, as the key equipment for waste plastic recycling, play an important role in the plastic recycling industry. However, the impact of processing wet materials on industrial waste plastic crushers is a topic of great concern. The processing of wet materials not only involves crushing efficiency but also relates to the service life and overall performance of the crushing equipment.

plastic shredder
plastic shredder

Challenges of wet plastics on plastic scrap crushing machine performance

Decrease in crushing efficiency

Moisture in wet plastics causes a film of water to form between the plastic pieces, resulting in increased friction and thus reduced crushing efficiency. The presence of the water film makes the plastic particles more difficult to crush and requires more energy to accomplish the same crushing task. This not only reduces the productivity of plastic crusher but also increases energy consumption.

Increased equipment wear

Moisture in wet materials not only affects crushing efficiency but also increases wear and tear on the plastic scrap crushing machine. Moisture mixed with plastic particles to form a paste-like substance is easy to adhere to the machine’s blades, screens and other components, resulting in accelerated wear and tear. In the long run, this will shorten the service life of the plastic waste crusher machine and increase maintenance costs.

plastic shredder machine manufacturer
plastic shredder machine manufacturer

Methods to prevent the impact of wet materials on plastic crusher

Dispose of wet materials in advance

Pre-treatment of wet materials before putting them into the plastic scrap crushing machine is an effective method. Reducing the moisture content of wet materials through dewatering or other treatment means can slow down the impact of moisture on crushing efficiency and plastic waste crusher machine wear.

Choose more adaptable blades and screens

Selecting more adaptable plastic crusher machine blades and screens is also a strategy to cope with the characteristics of wet materials. These blades and screens have better corrosion resistance, which can reduce the degree of corrosion of wet materials on the equipment and extend the service life of the plastic scrap crushing machine.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the plastic scrap crushing machine is a critical step in preventing the effects of wet materials. Promptly removing wet material residue from the blades and screens and keeping the equipment in a clean condition will help to slow down the rate of wear and tear.