With the wide use of plastic products, plastic waste is also inevitably increased, so the plastic waste crusher machine becomes one of the key equipment for processing plastic waste. However, the problem of plastic crusher clogging is often encountered in the process of use, which not only affects the normal operation of the equipment but also reduces the processing efficiency. In this paper, we will discuss the causes of plastic recycle machine crusher clogging and propose corresponding solutions.

waste plastic crusher
waste plastic crusher

Plastic waste crusher machine clogging reasons

Foreign matter mixed into the plastic crusher

Plastic waste may be mixed with metal, glass and other foreign objects, these foreign objects in the crushing process can easily lead to machine clogging.

Improper hopper design

Some plastic recycle machine crusher hopper designs may have defects, so that the waste can not be evenly distributed when entering the crusher, resulting in part of the area backlog, and ultimately leading to clogging.

Wear and tear on plastic crusher machine blade

Knives are the core component of the plastic waste crusher machine, after a long time of use the knives may wear out and lose their original sharpness, which may affect the crushing effect of the waste and even lead to clogging.

Overload operation

When processing large quantities of plastic waste, some operators may tend to overload the plastic waste crusher machine beyond its designed load, leading to an increased risk of overheating and clogging.

plastic shredder
plastic shredder

Solutions to plastic crusher clogging

Setting up a foreign object sorting device

In order to prevent foreign objects from entering the plastic waste crusher machine, a foreign object sorting device can be set up at the inlet to reduce the risk of clogging by separating them through vibrating screens and magnets.

Optimise hopper design

The hopper of the plastic crusher is reasonably designed to ensure that the waste can be evenly distributed to avoid accumulation. A ramp design or the addition of a vibrator can be used to improve the flow of waste.

Regular maintenance of knives

Regularly check and replace knives to ensure that they remain sharp. For some interchangeable knives, choose the appropriate plastic crusher machine blade according to the characteristics of different wastes to improve the crushing efficiency.

waste plastic crusher machine
waste plastic crusher machine

Strictly control the operating load

When operating the plastic waste crusher machine, should be operated according to the rated load of the equipment to avoid overloading. At the same time, the equipment should be installed with an overload protection device and shut down in time to prevent the crushing equipment from overheating.