Recently, a plastic waste crushing machine manufactured by Shuliy was successfully shipped to Tanzania. This crusher machine is customized to match the customer’s plastic recycling plant, aiming to help the customer process plastic waste more efficiently and achieve reuse of resources.

Plastic waste crushing machine features

  • High efficiency and energy saving: Shuliy plastic recycling crushing machine adopts advanced crushing technology and energy-saving design, which can efficiently process a large amount of plastic waste without wasting energy resources.
  • Versatility: This plastic waste crushing machine can also be used to process a variety of plastic products, such as plastic pipes, plastic boards, etc. It has a high scope of application.
  • Adjustability: The plastic shredder machine has adjustable crushing size and crushing speed, which can be adjusted according to different needs to meet the specific requirements of customers.
plastic recycling crushing machine
plastic recycling crushing machine

Plastic recycling crushing machine parameters

Thickness of box plate(mm)30
Thickness of knife holder(mm)50
Number of movable knives3
Number of fixed knives2
Control cabinetWith control cabinet
Included itemsSet of knives and screen
Plastic crusher machine basic data
plastic shredder screen
plastic shredder screen

Technical support and training

Before the plastic recycling line was successfully shipped to the customer’s plastic recycling plant, the Shuliy team provided a full range of technical support and training services. This included installation and commissioning of the plastic recycling crushing machine, operator training, and maintenance to ensure that the customer was able to operate the equipment proficiently and achieve optimal production efficiency.

crusher machine delivery
crusher machine delivery

Plastic shredder machine arrived in Tanzania

The plastic waste crushing machine has been put into operation after arriving at the customer’s plastic recycling factory, and the customer has highly praised its operation effect. Through the efficient processing of the plastic recycling crushing machine, a large amount of plastics can be processed quickly. Customers are satisfied with the stable operation and efficient processing capacity of the plastic pelletizing line, which they believe not only improves production efficiency but also brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise.

plastic shredder machine
plastic shredder machine