With the wide application of plastic products, the treatment and recycling of plastic waste have become particularly important. PE PP plastic film recycling line is a key equipment for converting waste plastic products into pellets for reuse. In this article, we will introduce the functions and equipment composition of plastic recycling processing equipment.

plastic pelletizing machine and crushing machine
plastic pelletizing machine and crushing machine

Functions of PE PP plastic film recycling line

Plastic waste crushing and cleaning

Plastic waste usually exists in various forms, such as film, bags and so on. Firstly, the PE PP plastic film recycling line needs to have a crushing function to crush the large plastic waste into small particles for subsequent processing. Meanwhile, the cleaning function can effectively remove the dirt, grease and other impurities attached to the plastic to improve the quality of the subsequent pelletizing process.

Melting and extrusion

After crushing and cleaning, the plastic granules need to be melted to turn them into a plasticized melt. The molten plastic is then extruded using a plastic extruder into the desired shape, usually granular or columnar. This step is the basis for the preparation of recycled plastic pellets and is the core of the entire plastic pelletizing line.

Pellet cooling and cutting

The extruded plastic pellets need to be rapidly cooled down by cooling equipment in order to solidify and form pellets. Subsequently, the pellets are cut into identical lengths by plastic cutting machine to ensure uniformity and consistency. This step is essential to ensure the quality and consistency of the recycled pellets.

plastic recycling factory
plastic recycling factory

Equipment Composition of a Plastic Pelletising Line

Crushers and washers

The first step in a PE PP plastic film recycling line is to crush and clean the waste plastic. The plastic crusher uses a highly efficient blade system to crush large pieces of plastic into smaller particles quickly. The plastic washing machine uses water and chemicals to thoroughly clean the surface of the plastic pellets.

Plastic extruder

The plastic extruder machine is the heart of the PE PP plastic film recycling line and is responsible for extruding the molten plastic into pellets or columns. The extruder needs to have high temperatures and pressures to ensure that the plastic can be efficiently extruded into the desired shape.

Cooling and cutting machines

Cooling equipment uses forced cooling, either by water, to ensure the extruded plastic pellets cure quickly. The plastic cutting machine uses a precise blade system to ensure that the pellets are of uniform length.

plastic film recycling line for sale
plastic film recycling line for sale