Good news! Shuliy plastic film recycling machines were successfully sold to Indonesia! These machines have been put into use and the customer is very satisfied with plastic recycling pelletizing machine and Shuliy’s service.

Client’s background

The Indonesian client company and its subsidiaries have extensive experience in the field of plastic recycling and pelletizing and have three plastic pelletizing lines. They chose Shuliy as their partner out of a number of suppliers and purchased a plastic washing machine, horizontal dryer, pipe dryer and other plastic film recycling machines. The goal of this co-operation is to further improve the efficiency of plastic recycling, reduce production costs and achieve a more sustainable reuse of plastics.

film pieces
film pieces

Technical data of plastic recycling pelletizing machine

With screw loader and vertical lifter
Size of plastic washing tank: L5m, W1.2m , H1.3m
Thickness of wall tank: 3mm
Material: Carbon steel
Thickness of bottom screw blade: 6mm
Main power of plastic washing machine: 5kw
Grapples on washing tank: 1.5kw
Screw lifter: 3kw
Vertical lifter: 7.5kw

Length(mm): 3000
W(mm): 850
Power(KW): 30
Mesh material: 304 stainless steel

Pipe diameter(mm): 219
Pipe length(m): 20
Pipe thickness(mm): 2
Motor power(KW): 15
Heating powder(KW): 30
Material: stainless steel 201

Why choose Shuliy plastic film recycling machine?

The client company’s choice of Shuliy plastic film recycling machines was not accidental but based on a series of informed decisions. Firstly, Shuliy is recognized for its product quality and performance as a renowned brand specializing in the manufacturing of environmental protection and plastic recycling equipment.

Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machines are known for their excellent cleaning and drying results, converting waste crushed LDPE film material, which is as small as 1cm in size, into cleaned and dried LDPE film pieces. This enables waste plastic scrap to be recycled efficiently, contributing to environmental protection and resource reuse.


Secondly, Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machine is highly automated and intelligent, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. The client company understands that adopting Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machine not only helps protect the environment but also reduces operating costs and increases production capacity.

Machines up and running, customers are satisfied

Once Shuliy’s plastic film recycling machines were up and running, the customer immediately felt a significant improvement in their bottom line. The plastic washing machine efficiently washes waste plastic film, removing contaminants and improving the quality of the raw material.

The horizontal dryer quickly dries the cleaned material, reducing the moisture content and creating better conditions for the subsequent pelletizing process, while the pipe dryer ensures fast drying of the material and improved production efficiency.