Plastic pelletizing machines and plastic crushers are two common types of equipment in the plastic recycling industry, and they play different roles in processing plastic waste. In this article, we will introduce their differences to provide convenience to new customers engaged in plastic recycling business.

Plastic pelletizing machine

Plastic granulating equipment is a machine used to process waste plastic into granular materials. The main working process of plastic pelletizing machine includes melting, extruding and cutting of plastic.

How does a plastic pelletizing machine work?

This process helps to turn waste plastic back into usable pellets for reprocessing or manufacturing new plastic products. The main advantages of recycled plastic granules machines include high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, making them an important part of plastic recycling.

plastic pelletizing machine
plastic pelletizing machine

Plastic crusher

In contrast, plastic crushers are primarily used to pulverize waste plastic. This kind of crushing equipment crushes plastic materials into small pieces or powders by a powerful force, which facilitates the subsequent processing.

Various types plastic shredder machine

Plastic waste crusher machines are widely used in the crushing and recycling of waste plastics, plastic pipes, plastic films, etc. Shuliy can provide customized plastic crushers according to the recycling needs of different plastics.

plastic shredder
plastic shredder

Differences between plastic granulator and plastic crusher

  • Functional differences: Plastic granulators mainly melt plastic to granulate it, while plastic crushers focus on crushing plastic waste.
  • Working Principle: Plastic granulator processes plastic into granules by melting and extruding, while plastic crusher crushes plastic materials into small pieces by mechanical force.
  • Areas of application: Plastic granulators are mainly used for the production of recycled pellets, which can be used for the manufacture of new plastic products, while plastic crushers are more commonly used in the initial processing stage of waste plastic recycling.

High-quality plastic recycling equipment from Shuliy

Shuliy, as a renowned plastic recycling equipment manufacturer, is committed to providing customers with high-quality and reliable plastic pelletizing machines, plastic crushers and other plastic recycling equipment. Its equipment is equipped with advanced technology and reliable performance to effectively process all types of plastic waste.

By choosing Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing machines, customers can get efficient granulation that converts waste plastic into recycled pellets. Meanwhile, Shuliy’s plastic shredder can also play a key role in the process of waste plastic crushing and recycling, improving recycling efficiency. If you have any questions or requirements about plastic recycling, please feel free to contact us, and a professional will answer you in detail.