Plastic recycling granulator is a key piece of equipment used to convert waste plastics into reusable plastic pellets. However, granulator plastic recycling often encounters problems or malfunctions during use, and this article will introduce some common problems and solutions for granulator plastic recycling.

plastic recycling granulator
plastic recycling granulator

Plastic recycling granulator clogging

Plastic recycling granulators may experience plastic clogging during operation, either because the plastics are too large or the feed rate is too fast. Solutions include slowing down the feed rate, using an appropriately sized screen to control pellet size, and cleaning the inside of the machine regularly.

Uneven pellet quality

Sometimes the quality of plastic pellets can be uneven, containing impurities or different colors of plastic. This may be due to inadequate mixing or impurities not being filtered out. The solution is to ensure adequate mixing and use an effective screen and filtration system to remove impurities.

Motor failure

The motor of a plastic recycling granulator may malfunction, causing the machine to stop working. This can be due to a faulty circuit, a damaged cable, or a problem with the motor itself. The solution is to check the circuit connections, replace damaged cables or repair the motor.

Waste plastic extruder overheating

Excessive operation or high ambient temperatures may cause the plastic recycling granulator to overheat. This can damage critical parts of the machine. Solutions include regularly checking the cooling system, ensuring operation is within the proper temperature range, and performing necessary maintenance.

granulator plastic recycling
granulator plastic recycling

Shuliy plastic pelletizing machine for sale

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  • Superior performance: Shuliy plastic recycling granulator uses advanced technology to efficiently convert waste plastics into high-quality plastic pellets. Both the quality of pellets and the output can meet the needs of the customers.
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  • Excellent after-sales service: Shuliy offers comprehensive after-sales service including equipment installation, maintenance and repair. Customers can get technical support and training at any time.
waste plastic extruder
waste plastic extruder