Good news! Shuliy has successfully shipped two plastic waste crushers to Ghana, one for crushing hard materials and one for crushing soft materials. The customer has already put these two plastic materials shredders into use in the plastic recycling factory, and these machines not only meet the customer’s needs but also bring considerable economic benefits.

Customer’s needs

This Ghanaian client owns a plastic recycling plant and is faced with a huge challenge of plastic waste disposal. He purchased two Shuliy plastic waste crushers, one specifically designed to crush hard plastic and the other to crush soft plastic. In addition, the customer purchased a knife grinder and two sets of pulverizer knives to ensure the continued efficient operation of the equipment.

Technical data of plastic recycling equipment

Model: SL-600
Capacity(KW): 22
Output(KG/H): 600-800
Fixed blade: 4 pieces
Rotary blade: 6 pieces
Blade material: 60Si2Mn
Body material(mm): 20 A3 carbon steel
Feed size(mm): 600*500
Shaft diameter(mm): 110
Screen diameter(mm): 24 or customized
Weight(t): 1

Model: XHR-700

Two sets (one for soft plastic, one for hard plastic)

Why choose Shuliy plastic waste crusher?

  • Customers choose Shuliy plastic waste crusher for multiple reasons. Firstly, Shuliy is one of the most trusted plastic crusher machine manufacturers with extensive experience and expertise in the field of plastic crushing equipment. Its products are known for their high quality and excellent performance to meet the high demands of customers for plastic crushing.
  • Secondly, Shuliy’s plastic materials shredders are highly durable and stable, capable of running for long periods of time without frequent maintenance and repairs. This means lower operating costs and higher productivity for customers.
  • Finally, Shuliy offers excellent after-sales service and support to ensure that customers are always supported and assisted during the operation of their equipment. This full range of services gives customers the peace of mind that comes with choosing Shuliy as their partner.

Plastic waste crushers sold to Ghana

Now that these Shuliy plastic waste crushers have been successfully delivered to Ghana, the customer is very satisfied with the performance and quality of the plastic waste crushers. The productivity of the plant has increased dramatically, the efficiency of processing waste plastics has increased significantly, and the customer’s business outlook is promising.