The production of plastic recycled pellets is an important area of environmental protection and sustainable development, and plastic granulation equipment is indispensable equipment for it. However, some granulator manufacturers often face a tricky problem that the granularity of the recycled pellets is inconsistent. This not only affects the quality of products but also wastes resources. In this article, we will discuss the reasons and solutions for the inconsistent size of the regenerated granules from plastic granulation equipment.

plastic granulation equipment
plastic granulation equipment

Why the particle size is not consistent?

Feedstock variability

Recycled plastics come from a variety of sources, including used plastic products, packaging materials and industrial waste. The quality and properties of these feedstocks vary widely and may contain different types, colors and additives, which can lead to inconsistent particle sizes during the plastic granulation equipment recycling process.

plastic pellet making machine
plastic pellet making machine

Mechanical wear and tear

Various components in a plastic pelletizer can wear out over time, such as screens and screws. This wear can lead to instability in the processing of plastic pellets, which in turn affects the particle size of the pellets.

Improper operation

Incorrect operating methods, improper temperature settings or improper pressure adjustments can lead to inconsistencies in the recycled pellets. Operator skills and experience are critical to the production process.

Plastic granulation equipment screen clogging

Recycled plastics may contain impurities such as particles, foreign matter and residue. These impurities can cause plastic granulation equipment screen clogging, which in turn affects pellet discharge and particle size uniformity.

Methods for solving particle size inconsistency

Pre-treatment of raw materials

Pre-treatment of waste plastics before the plastic granulation equipment includes sorting, cleaning and mixing to ensure a uniform quality of the feedstock. This helps reduce the risk of inconsistent particle size of recycled pellets.

Precise control of processing parameters

Ensure precise control of the plastic pelletizer’s processing parameters, including temperature, extrusion speed, and extrusion pressure. Adjust these parameters at the right time to maintain consistent pellet size.

plastic recycling granulator
plastic recycling granulator

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Regularly maintain and clean the plastic granulation equipment, especially the screen and extrusion die, to prevent impurity buildup and screen clogging. This will help maintain pellet consistency.

Shuliy plastic pelletizer for sale

The Shuliy pelletizing machine for plastic recycling is a reliable solution to the challenge of inconsistent particle size of recycled pellets. It offers the following advantages:

  • Advanced technology: Shuliy plastic granulation equipment uses the latest granulation technology for better control of pellet size.
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  • Efficient mechanical parts: The mechanical parts of Shuliy pelletizing machine for plastic recycling are carefully designed to have a longer service life and reduce the effect of wear and tear on the consistency of granules.