Plastic recycling and pelletizing is a business with potential, especially for companies looking to proactively address the issue of waste plastics. In this article, we present a customer from Kenya who chose Shuliy’s plastic washing pelletizing line to meet the needs of his plastics recycling plant and realized considerable economic benefits.

The customer’s needs

This Kenyan customer had been in the plastic recycling business, but his factory was facing a number of problems. Although he owned a plastic pelletizing machine, the lack of equipment for plastic crushing and washing resulted in inefficient processing of his waste plastics and inconsistent product quality, leading to waste and losses.

In order to improve the situation, he searched for solutions on the internet and eventually contacted Shuliy’s account manager for information about plastic washing pelletizing line.


Belt conveyor Length: 5m
Width: 0.8m
Power: 1.5kw
Adds magnetic detector
Plastic crushing machineTo sharpen the knives
Plastic friction washerPower: 22kw 
Washing tankSize: 6*1.3*1.8M
Plastic drying machine Model: SLSP-500
Power: 15kw   
Plastic pellet cutting machine To cut plastic strips
Sharpening machine To sharp the knives

Plastic recycling process equipment display

Why choose Shuliy plastic washing pelletizing line?

Shuliy has long been known for its high-quality plastic recycling equipment, and the plastic washing pelletizing line is one of those highly acclaimed products. There are several key reasons why customers choose Shuliy:

Comprehensive solutions

Shuliy offers a comprehensive plastics recycling solution that includes plastic crushing, washing and pelletizing. For our Kenyan customer, this was exactly what he needed, as he already had a pelletizer but lacked pre-processing equipment; Shuliy’s plastic washing pelletizing line fulfilled his one-stop need and increased his productivity.

High-quality washing and pelletizing

Our plastic washing pelletizing line utilizes advanced technology to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning of waste HDPE plastic, eliminating contaminants and impurities to produce high-quality plastic pellets. This not only improves the quality of the product but also adds to the sales value.

Customized solutions

Our account manager developed an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs and provided a customized solution based on his business requirements. This personalized approach ensured the optimum performance of the plastic recycling process equipment and enabled the customer to make the most of his plastic pelletizing line factory.

Technical support

Shuliy has many years of experience as a leader in the plastics recycling industry. Our expertise enables us to provide strong support to our customers, including plastic washing pelletizing line installation, operator training and maintenance services to ensure that they are able to fully utilize the equipment.

Plastic washing pelletizing line sent to Kenya

By introducing the Shuliy plastic washing pelletizing line, the customer achieved significant economic benefits. The plastic pelletizing line helped him to convert waste HDPE plastics into recycled pellets more efficiently, increasing production capacity and thus sales revenue. In addition, the customer was able to reduce production costs, including energy, labor, and maintenance costs, due to the efficient performance of the equipment.